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November 16, 2016 10:02 pm
Posted by: Kara

Liz ‘DammitLiz’ Smith &
Tara Theoharis

Driving: Wednesday, Nov 16 10pm – Thrusday, Nov 17 10am

Liz “DammitLiz” Smith

Driving since: 2014
Points: 1
Crashes: 7

Liz was born in a small village of dancers. They raised her to learn the art of great dance. She now fights crime and protects the world with the power of DANCE.

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

Her first memory of Desert Bus:
Epic Jenga with James at DB5, also for some reason the Kroze and Ashton slashfic. Some things you NEVER forget. *shudder*

Favourite DB gif:


Tara Theoharis

Driving since: 2015
Points: 0
Crashes: 0

Created in a lab in the back of a bakery, Tara was made from sugar, spice, and sprinkles. She spends her days doing marketing and PR for geeks, and her nights saving the world from boredom and poorly decorated cupcakes.

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

Her first memory of Desert Bus:
Watching along at home for the first time, not knowing what I was watching but loving it!

Favourite DB gif:

October 21, 2016 5:47 pm
Posted by: Kara

Driver Schedule for Desert Bus 10

This year we’ve moved back to 12 hour shifts for extended discomfort and fatigue and we’ve got some shared shifts – but don’t be fooled! They’re not easier. Both drivers will be on camera the entire time, even if they’re not driving. All times listed in Pacific Standard Time.

Click on each driver’s name to learn a little more about them or see all profiles on our drivers page.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

Saturday, November 12
10am – 10pm: James Turner James
10pm – 10am: Jeremy Petter Jeremy
Sunday, November 13
10am – 10pm: Matt Wiggins Matt Tally Heilke Tally
10pm – 10am: Cameron Lauder Cameron
Monday, November 14
10am – 10pm: Ash Vickers Ash Ashley Turner Ashley
10pm – 10am: Ashton Cummings Ashton Jamie Dillion Jamie
Tuesday, November 15
10am – 10pm: Kara McLachlan Kara Kate Watt Kate Watt
10pm – 10am: Ian Horner Ian Alex Steacy Alex
Wednesday, November 16
10am – 10pm: Graham Stark Graham
10pm – 10am: Liz Smith Liz Tara Theoharis Tara
Thursday, November 17
10am – 10pm: Kathleen De Vere Kathleen
10pm – 10am: Brendan Dery Beej Johnny Blakeborough Johnny
Friday, November 18
10am – 10pm: Paul Saunders Paul
November 18, 2015 10:55 pm
Posted by: Tim

During Liz’s shift, we challenged the community to create their best version of The Kraken Dance. Here’s the winning submission, by Brian:

After the jump, we’ve included a couple of additional honorable mentions from the community:


November 18, 2015 6:36 pm
Posted by: Jordan

db9_liz_krakendanceYou know it, you love it, it’s the Desert Bus-Famous Kraken Dance! 

Liz wants to see you put your best foo-leg—-dance thing forward and make your own version.

We would like to see your own rendition of the Kraken dance, lasting no more than 12 seconds ideally. Whether it’s youtube, instagram or vine, that part is up to you.

We are going to run this challenge until 10:00 PM PST and ask that a link to your video is emailed to [email protected] with the subject line, The Kraken. Please include the name you’d like used if you are selected as a winner.

Your prize for this challenge is the massive collection of Pocket Games!


Get Dancing!

November 16, 2014 4:00 pm
Posted by: Heather

lizLiz “Dammit Liz” Smith

Driving: Sunday, Nov 16 4pm – 7pm

Driving since: 2014
Points: 0
Crashes: 1

When not at Desert Bus, she can be found:
Being Dammit Liz!
I like to produce geeky events and attend way too many conventions. I enjoy video games that are not Desert Bus. Am I fully enjoying my new position as Event Design Manager at Wizards of the the Coast!

Special Skills:
I have a super secret special sexy dance.

She’s a total geek for:
Star Wars for sure!
Assassin’s Creed
Marvel anything

Claim to Fame:
My super secret sexy dance…I guess.

Biggest fear about Driving for DB8:
I have crashed the bus MULTIPLE times and I haven’t even been an “official” driver. I REALLY hope I don’t crash it this time…oh god…
Editor’s Note: Our official record of official records only credits her with 1 crash thusfar. Has she been cheating on us with another Desert Bus? Where are all these crashes coming from?

If she was reincarnated as a fruit or vegetable she would want to be:
Editor’s Note: No response. Does Dammit Liz have something against healthy living?

Favourite Cheese:
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar

Doesn’t want you to know she listens to:
Spice Girls

Her “moves like Jagger” are more like:
Octopus Mating Dance

To prepare for driving the bus she is:
I am playing A LOT of Borderlands Prequel… to get used to being in front of the TV for hours at a time.
I am taking the bus everywhere I go, not just because my car broke, but to really get into the mindset of the ‘bus’, you know?

What symbol does your superhero cape have on it?
gin & tonic (plus lime)- is that bad? That sounds bad.

November 13, 2014 5:00 pm
Posted by: Kara

Here are your drivers for Desert Bus 8!

You’ll notice that some shifts are shared. Both drivers will be present for the entirety of the shift. There are also 4 shorter shifts on Sunday to give some of our crew who have other Desert Bus work to complete during the run an opportunity to drive.

Click on each driver’s name to learn a little more about them.

Driver(s) Start Time End Time
James Friday, Nov. 14, 10:00am Friday, Nov. 14, 10:00pm
Beej Friday, Nov. 14, 10:00pm Saturday, Nov. 15, 10:00am
Jer Saturday, Nov. 15, 10:00am Saturday, Nov. 15, 10:00pm
Ian & Johnny Saturday, Nov. 15, 10:00pm Sunday, Nov. 16, 10:00am
Kara Sunday, Nov. 16, 10:00am Sunday, Nov. 16, 1:00pm
Ashley Sunday, Nov. 16, 1:00pm Sunday, Nov. 16, 4:00pm
Liz Sunday, Nov. 16, 4:00pm Sunday, Nov. 16, 7:00pm
Ash Sunday, Nov. 16, 7:00pm Sunday, Nov. 16, 10:00pm
Alex Sunday, Nov. 16, 10:00pm Monday, Nov. 17, 10:00am
Kathleen Monday, Nov. 17, 10:00am Monday, Nov. 17, 10:00pm
Ashton Monday, Nov. 17, 10:00pm Tuesday, Nov. 18, 10:00am
Tally Tuesday, Nov. 18, 10:00am Tuesday, Nov. 18, 10:00pm
Matt & Cam Tuesday, Nov. 18, 10:00pm Wednesday, Nov. 19, 10:00am
Kate Watt Wednesday, Nov. 19, 10:00am Wednesday, Nov. 19, 10:00pm
Graham Wednesday, Nov. 19, 10:00pm Thursday, Nov. 20, 10:00am
Paul Thursday, Nov. 20, 10:00am THE END