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November 12, 2016 10:00 pm
Posted by: Kara

Jeremy Petter

Driving: Saturday, Nov 12 10pm – Sunday, Nov 13 10am

Driving since: 2008
Points: 10
Crashes: 4In childhood, Jer was broken and deceived by the evil entity, ‘Castlevania II’. While it promised him a meeting with the fabled “graveyard duck,” the duck was a lie and he exists today as a shadow of his former self.

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

His first memory of Desert Bus:
James pitching a “Child’s Play Fundraiser” in a tiny grad student seminar room at UVic a decade ago; Paul brought up that he wanted to do something with Desert Bus, which I thought was a terrible idea. I came up with some other ideas, but Desert Bus had momentum. I’ll cop to being on the wrong side of that argument.

Favourite DB gif:

October 21, 2016 5:47 pm
Posted by: Kara

Driver Schedule for Desert Bus 10

This year we’ve moved back to 12 hour shifts for extended discomfort and fatigue and we’ve got some shared shifts – but don’t be fooled! They’re not easier. Both drivers will be on camera the entire time, even if they’re not driving. All times listed in Pacific Standard Time.

Click on each driver’s name to learn a little more about them or see all profiles on our drivers page.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

Saturday, November 12
10am – 10pm: James Turner James
10pm – 10am: Jeremy Petter Jeremy
Sunday, November 13
10am – 10pm: Matt Wiggins Matt Tally Heilke Tally
10pm – 10am: Cameron Lauder Cameron
Monday, November 14
10am – 10pm: Ash Vickers Ash Ashley Turner Ashley
10pm – 10am: Ashton Cummings Ashton Jamie Dillion Jamie
Tuesday, November 15
10am – 10pm: Kara McLachlan Kara Kate Watt Kate Watt
10pm – 10am: Ian Horner Ian Alex Steacy Alex
Wednesday, November 16
10am – 10pm: Graham Stark Graham
10pm – 10am: Liz Smith Liz Tara Theoharis Tara
Thursday, November 17
10am – 10pm: Kathleen De Vere Kathleen
10pm – 10am: Brendan Dery Beej Johnny Blakeborough Johnny
Friday, November 18
10am – 10pm: Paul Saunders Paul