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November 13, 2021 9:30 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’d like to take a moment to thank one of our Prize Sponsors for this year’s Desert Bus for Hope: Nix of Nothing!

Logo: Nix of Nothing by M. Lee Lunsford. The logo is on a black background, with the words "Nix" and "Nothing" outlined in blue. A skull sits in the center of the word "Nothing." All the other text is white.

This weekly webcomic is the latest adventure tale from M. Lee Lunsford, whom you may also recognize as the creator of the annual Desert Bus poster. Demigod Nix was supposed to enjoy a life of freedom from divine expectations, but all that changed when an unknown divine force targeted them. Now they must journey to see if they can find peace once again.

Thank you Nix of Nothing and M. Lee Lunsford for your support of Desert Bus for Hope!

November 15, 2018 3:13 pm
Posted by: Nina

Have you missed out on our auctions and giveaways? Are you perhaps not an auction fan, but would still like to own a piece of Desert Bus memorabilia?

The Desert Bus Shop will be live until the end of this year’s run! Still available are:

The Desert Bus 2018 Poster, created each year by the amazing Michael Lunsford (proceeds go to Michael Lunsford, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play).


The Desert Bus 2018 Pinny Arcade Pin (all proceeds go to Child’s Play).


The Desert Bus 2017 Softcover Photo Book (proceeds go to the photographers, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play).


(We are unfortunately sold out of the Desert Bus Shifts Playmat)

November 23, 2017 12:16 am
Posted by: Tim

DB11AutoIf you’ve been following along over the run, you may have noticed that, as in prior years, the talented Michael Lunsford has been capturing the greatest moments from this year’s run on the official Desert Bus for Hope 2017 poster! From the beginning of the run, to the live dance party, to the saga of Ben, and more, many great moments are there.

And, if you’re curious what’s what, the Video Strike Team has put together a helpful image map that links the moments shown on the poster to video replays on YouTube.

If you want to pick up a poster, or other Desert Bus 2017 items, you can head over to the LoadingReadyRun Store. Or, perhaps you might be interested in a t-shirt? The official Desert Bus 2017 t-shirt reprint run is available for pre-order on the Fangamer store. Not only are all these items really nice, a portion of all proceeds goes to Child’s Play!

November 18, 2017 3:10 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0061_001_PosterOur next donation drive is a piece from the personal vault of long-time Desert Busser Jeremy Petter. In 2009 Jeremy and our own Matt Wiggins appeared on the much loved podcast “A Life Well Wasted” to talk about weak points of bosses and cheats in classic games. Artist Olly Moss only made 208 of these prints (this being number 201) and is signed by the podcast host Robert Ashley.

This is Jer’s personal poster, there is not a replacement. He has passed it onto Desert Bus and now we are passing it onto you. Until 3:50 PM, any donations of $5.09 or multiples thereof will enter you for a chance to win this piece of Jeremy and Matt history.

Matt can even sign it…if you want.



November 17, 2017 1:51 pm
Posted by: Az

Let’s not forget that on top of all the wonderful crafts that we have sent in every year, we also have some legit merch for your Desert Bus needs.



To start off, we’ve got the BRAND NEW Desert Bus 2017 Pinny Arcade Pin.

The BUG SPLAT, in all it’s delicious, goopy…glittery wonder. It is a limited edition pin and an official addition to the Pinny Arcade collection.

The pin will be available for purchase in the LoadingReadyRun store during Desert Bus (while supplies last), and proceeds will go to Child’s Play Charity.





We also have the yearly Desert Bus poster, drawn by Michael Lunsford and while it may seem empty now, it will slowly be filled with loads of memes, goofs, and other utter nonsense as the event goes on. It is limited purchase, and it supports all the things you love.

As with every year, profits from the poster go to Michael Lunsford, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play Charity.




Next up to bat, we have the Desert Bus 10 softcover Photo Book. A book lovingly shot, edited, and laid out by Andrew Ferguson, the main Desert Bus photographer.
This is a preorder item and will be printed once the run is over.

As with every year, profits from photo books are split between Andrew Ferguson, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play Charity.



And back by popular demand! We have our Desert Bus Shift Banner playmat! Use it when you sling spells or even as the largest mousepad you’ve ever seen.

This is a preorder item and will be printed once the run is over.

As with all Desert Bus merch, profits are split between LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play Charity.


And of course, as always, we have our new Desert Bus 2017 shirt by Fangamer. Check out more details on our longer post about that here.unnamed


November 18, 2016 9:32 pm
Posted by: Jordan

Our final live auction of the run is at 10:30 PM PST. This is for the Large Format printing of the official Desert Bus 10 poster that Mike Lunsford has been creating over the run. Tune in!DBXPoster

Note that this image does NOT reflect the final poster image. This is not the final version!

October 29, 2016 1:57 pm
Posted by: Kara

Portal Lot

Donated by Valve

At Aperture Science, we value history. In fact, we value it so much that we dedicated an entire sub-basement broom closet to hanging on to it. But, once in a while, we need to move things around to fit in an extra gallon of bleach. That’s where you come in: we need someone to take a few bits of priceless Aperture history off our hands, including a framed 80s-style Portal 2 poster signed by Tristan Reidford (that’s the artist), and a copy of the Portal board game signed by Valve. We’ll even toss in a Valve Friends & Family Steam key for your trouble, good for all Valve games current and future. So do us, Child’s Play, and our janitor a favor and take home some Aperture history!

The lot includes:

  • Framed 80s-Style Portal 2 poster signed by Tristan Reidford
  • Portal: The Board Game signed by Valve
  • Valve Friends & Family Steam Key


About the Sponsor:
This lot has been lovingly donated by the folks at Valve Software. Desert Bus is delighted to once again have the support of this awesome game maker, who is excited to share said awesome games with all of you!

November 18, 2015 12:37 am
Posted by: Tim
The beginnings of this year's poster as it was a couple of days ago.

The beginnings of this year’s poster as it was a few days ago.

On air, we’ve been checking in periodically to view the Official Desert Bus 9 Poster as it continues to evolve. Michael Lunsford produces the poster throughout the marathon, adding in highlights as we go. Our most recent additions include the army of Fugi faces and the Murder Hallway.

The Video Strike Team has prepared this webpage where you can see the poster changes from revision to revision. As new revisions are available, the VST is also creating an image map from the poster that links directly to moments from this year’s run on YouTube. And, if you’re interested in getting the final poster, you can order it now on the LoadingReadyRun store.

As is tradition, our last live auction of the run will be the one and only large print version of the poster. Exact time is to be determined, so stay tuned to the feed towards the end of the run.

November 20, 2014 1:44 pm
Posted by: Jordan

DB Poster

We have an announcement! The auction for the FULL SIZE Desert Bus 8 Poster done by Michael Lunsford will be at 7:00 PM PST!!!!! Tune in for your chance to win the ONLY large format printing of the official poster for this year! 

(Pictured is last year’s DB poster as current year is not finished)

November 18, 2013 1:30 pm
Posted by: Mike

Here’s a scoop for the afternoon crew: a preview of the in-progress official Desert Bus 7 poster! Michael Lunsford of Supernormal Step, as in years past, provides the incredible art.

Feast your eyes, and see how many people and moments of this years’ busing you recognize!


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