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November 18, 2016 7:00 pm
Posted by: Jordan

valveWe welcome back Valve Software as a sponsor for Desert Bus 10!

Valve Software is a giant of the PC Gaming industry. The makers of games such as Half-Life, Portal, Counter Strike and DOTA 2, Valve also operates the Digital Distribution service known as Steam. Since last year they have launched the HTC Vive; their Virtual Reality platform, to the general public.

We thank Valve Software for their continued support to Desert Bus for Hope.

November 18, 2016 5:52 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0177_001_SteamHardwarePC gaming has options when it comes to how you play, so let’s try and get you some of those options.

What are those options you ask? Everything you need to get a Steam Link system ready to go!

This lot includes:
– Steam Controller with box signed by Valve
– Steam Link with box signed by Valve
– Steam Hardware Accessories Bundle
– Valve Friends & Family Steam Key

That last little bit doesn’t tell you everything though. That Friends and Family Steam Key is a copy of Every game ever made by Valve and every game that Valve WILL make.

Any donations of $5.47 multiples until 6:30 PM PST will enter you for a chance to win this amazing bundle of goodies!

November 16, 2016 4:40 pm
Posted by: Jordan

AUCTION TIME SOON FELLOW DOTA’s! Calling all fans of DOTA 2, it’s time to get your bidding hat on. This live auction starts at 5:00 PM PST and includes some amazing Steelseries and Siberia gear. Oh and a chair…from The International 6…signed by the winners, Wings Gaming.

Also a copy of every Valve game, ever, including future titles.

October 29, 2016 1:57 pm
Posted by: Kara

Portal Lot

Donated by Valve

At Aperture Science, we value history. In fact, we value it so much that we dedicated an entire sub-basement broom closet to hanging on to it. But, once in a while, we need to move things around to fit in an extra gallon of bleach. That’s where you come in: we need someone to take a few bits of priceless Aperture history off our hands, including a framed 80s-style Portal 2 poster signed by Tristan Reidford (that’s the artist), and a copy of the Portal board game signed by Valve. We’ll even toss in a Valve Friends & Family Steam key for your trouble, good for all Valve games current and future. So do us, Child’s Play, and our janitor a favor and take home some Aperture history!

The lot includes:

  • Framed 80s-Style Portal 2 poster signed by Tristan Reidford
  • Portal: The Board Game signed by Valve
  • Valve Friends & Family Steam Key


About the Sponsor:
This lot has been lovingly donated by the folks at Valve Software. Desert Bus is delighted to once again have the support of this awesome game maker, who is excited to share said awesome games with all of you!

November 20, 2015 5:14 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0271_01_SteamLotValveWant to stream your PC library to anywhere in your house? Maybe the couch looks more comfortable to you than your desk? Well do we have the donation drive for you!

This Valve Steam Lot contains a Steam Controller and a Steam Link, allowing you to stream your Steam library to anywhere in your home. No more being trapped at the computer desk with this lot. In addition both boxes are signed by the team at Valve!

This item is being done as a Donation Drive where donations of $10.80 or multiples thereof until 6:00 PM will enter you to win these signed items.

November 20, 2015 12:24 am
Posted by: Tim

It’s time for another donation drive! This amazing lot of Half-Life goodies was donated by Valve and includes a gravity gun signed by the Valve team. Donate $11.16 (or multiples thereof) for a chance to win this lot. We’ll run this donation drive until 1:30 AM PST.



November 16, 2015 7:30 pm
Posted by: Kelly


valveIt gives us great pleasure to announce one of our new sponsors for this year, Valve Software. Yes, you heard us right, the makers of Half-Life, DOTA 2 and Portal and that lovely program Steam are helping us bus this year! We are beside ourselves with excitement and can’t thank them enough for their amazing generosity and support for Desert Bus 9!

November 7, 2015 5:30 pm
Posted by: Kara

DOTA 2 Lot

Donated by Valve

DOTA 2 Auction Lot

Do you fight for the Dire? The Radiant? With this lovingly collected DOTA 2 prize pack, it doesn’t matter! Take the fight of for the ancients to the battlefield of your home with a full complement of vinyl Demiheroes. These adorable little figures of destruction are the perfect inspiration for your next lineup. Feel like a true DOTA professional with an official signed Player shirt from The International 2 (this is not available anywhere)!

Best of all… this lot includes a gorgeous replica of the Butterfly Sword – the item that every good agility hero needs to have. This lovingly crafted sword is no longer available for purchase, but you can get one at Desert Bus. Even more spectacularly, this particular sword is signed by numerous members of the DOTA 2 development team!


Butterfly Sword and Plaque of Authenticity

Butterfly Sword

close up of Butterfly Sword


Sword Authentication Plaque

T-shirt and Sword