November 23, 2017, 12:16 am
Posted by: Tim

DB11AutoIf you’ve been following along over the run, you may have noticed that, as in prior years, the talented¬†Michael Lunsford has been capturing the greatest moments from this year’s run on the official Desert Bus for Hope 2017 poster! From the beginning of the run, to the live dance party, to the saga of Ben, and more, many great moments are there.

And, if you’re curious what’s what, the Video Strike Team has put together a helpful image map that links the moments shown on the poster to video replays on YouTube.

If you want to pick up a poster, or other Desert Bus 2017 items, you can head over to the LoadingReadyRun Store. Or, perhaps you might be interested in a t-shirt? The official Desert Bus 2017 t-shirt reprint run is available for pre-order on the Fangamer store. Not only are all these items really nice, a portion of all proceeds goes to Child’s Play!

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