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November 17, 2017 1:51 pm
Posted by: Az

Let’s not forget that on top of all the wonderful crafts that we have sent in every year, we also have some legit merch for your Desert Bus needs.



To start off, we’ve got the BRAND NEW Desert Bus 2017 Pinny Arcade Pin.

The BUG SPLAT, in all it’s delicious, goopy…glittery wonder. It is a limited edition pin and an official addition to the Pinny Arcade collection.

The pin will be available for purchase in the LoadingReadyRun store during Desert Bus (while supplies last), and proceeds will go to Child’s Play Charity.





We also have the yearly Desert Bus poster, drawn by Michael Lunsford and while it may seem empty now, it will slowly be filled with loads of memes, goofs, and other utter nonsense as the event goes on. It is limited purchase, and it supports all the things you love.

As with every year, profits from the poster go to Michael Lunsford, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play Charity.




Next up to bat, we have the Desert Bus 10 softcover Photo Book. A book lovingly shot, edited, and laid out by Andrew Ferguson, the main Desert Bus photographer.
This is a preorder item and will be printed once the run is over.

As with every year, profits from photo books are split between Andrew Ferguson, LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play Charity.



And back by popular demand! We have our Desert Bus Shift Banner playmat! Use it when you sling spells or even as the largest mousepad you’ve ever seen.

This is a preorder item and will be printed once the run is over.

As with all Desert Bus merch, profits are split between LoadingReadyRun (for Desert Bus admin costs), and Child’s Play Charity.


And of course, as always, we have our new Desert Bus 2017 shirt by Fangamer. Check out more details on our longer post about that here.unnamed


November 14, 2015 3:47 pm
Posted by: Jordan

James has decided it’s time for some more eloquent writing.


We our doing our first written word challenge, and it’s for quite the prize! We are looking for a Haiku based on Cookie Clicker, the surprise killer app of Desert Bus this year. Please send any entries to [email protected] with the tagline including Haiku or Cookie Clicker. Please include a public name you would like to us to use.


This contest will be running until 4pm PST.

November 15, 2014 1:47 pm
Posted by: Jordan

Alright everybody buckle up and get your art skills ready, we’ve got our first art challenge of Jer’s shift! Jer wants you to show your clan pride for his enjoyment.

What we’re looking for is some manner of image (photograph, drawing, photoshop etc.) of yourself dressed as a member of your favourite clan! Please e-mail your entries to [email protected] with the subject line of Clan. This challenge will run until 2:30 PM PST.

Please include your top three choices for your clan of Shirt and Playmat! That’s right, you will win both a shirt AND a playmat of your favourite.


0159_02_prize 0159_04_prize

November 14, 2014 11:17 am
Posted by: Jordan

So as you might have seen from our lovely volunteers modelling it, THE DESERT BUS SHIRT IS ALREADY PRINTED!!!!



The lovely folks at Fangamer have outdone themselves YET AGAIN with this years Desert Bus For Hope shirt! Best bit about it? You can order it RIGHT NOW! Act fast as all the proceeds from sales of the shirt go right to Desert Bus!