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November 11, 2018 8:00 am
Posted by: Tim
The start of the poster. The silhouette of a bus in the desert is set on a backdrop of a starry night sky.

The start of this year’s poster, shared on Twitter just before the run began by Mike.

We’re taking a moment to thank Michael Lunsford for their continued support of Desert Bus for Hope 2018!

You may be familiar with Michael’s work every year illustrating the Official Desert Bus for Hope poster, an amazing work of art crafted on-the-fly throughout the event. Or, you may be familiar with their current comic, Speak of the Devil, an urban fantasy mystery comic. Or, perhaps you may be familiar with their previous comic, Supernormal Step, a comic about Fiona and her adventures dealing with a strange magical parallel universe.

Thank you Michael Lunsford for your continued contributions and support of Desert Bus for Hope!

November 18, 2015 12:37 am
Posted by: Tim
The beginnings of this year's poster as it was a couple of days ago.

The beginnings of this year’s poster as it was a few days ago.

On air, we’ve been checking in periodically to view the Official Desert Bus 9 Poster as it continues to evolve. Michael Lunsford produces the poster throughout the marathon, adding in highlights as we go. Our most recent additions include the army of Fugi faces and the Murder Hallway.

The Video Strike Team has prepared this webpage where you can see the poster changes from revision to revision. As new revisions are available, the VST is also creating an image map from the poster that links directly to moments from this year’s run on YouTube. And, if you’re interested in getting the final poster, you can order it now on the LoadingReadyRun store.

As is tradition, our last live auction of the run will be the one and only large print version of the poster. Exact time is to be determined, so stay tuned to the feed towards the end of the run.