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November 18, 2021 8:41 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’re coming down to the wire and this is your last chance to snag a (physical) item from the silent auctions at Desert Bus for Hope. Let’s take a look at this dragon’s hoard of precious gems!

Fairytale Dragon

An intricately stitched purple dragon perches on top of a bookshelf shaped like an armchair. The dragon is wearing spectacles and reading from a book with a threaded key hanging from it as a bookmark.

Read any good books lately? This dragon has. He’s made up of 24,000+ stitches, which is probably just half as many books as he owns, and comes on an 8×10″ cloth ready for framing. Just make sure you handle with care: he really hates getting dog-eared.

Current Bid: $4,321.98


Shift Banner Gem Bottles

A lineup of four small glass bottles stoppered with corks. Each bottle has a different color of gemstones inside, starting from the left: yellow, red, blue, and purple. They also have metal emblems for each Desert Bus shift logo.

Which shift is your favorite? Aw, we can’t pick – they’re all gems! Specifically these gems which come in cute little glass bottles (one for each shift) that you can display or even wear as jewelry:

Dawnguard – Citrine, red agate, howlite and goldstone
Alpha Flight – Red coral, howlite and garnet
Night Watch – Blue goldstone, moonstone, neon apatite and turquoise
Zeta – Iolite, moonstone and amethyst

Current Bid: $1,111.10

November 18, 2021 6:43 pm
Posted by: Soraya

No matter how many times you restart Mass Effect, you will always end up romancing this set of guns. Just look at them: they’re so emotive, compassionate, and satisfying to go BLAM BLAM with while swinging them around your living room.

This auction begins NOW so come by the livestream to join in!

UPDATE (7:13pm PT): Going, going, gone to dostrow_ for a new record-setting $20k! With these guns you can save the universe just like you’ve already saved the day for countless sick children. Thanks also to our generous donor Sam Skunkworks who crafted these replicas!

Two Mass Effect guns positioned side by side. One is a long black assault rifle (M8 Avenger) and the other is a short gray pistol (M77 Paladin).

This set of 1:1 scale replicas accurately recreate the look of the M8 Avenger and M77 Paladin weapons from the Mass Effect trilogy. They could be perfect as part of a cosplay, or as a display piece. The largest measures 79cm x 31cm x 8cm and the smaller one is 30cm x 18cm x 4cm. Both are 3D printed in a mix of PLA plastic and photopolymer resin (over 300 hours total printing time). Both items include functioning LEDs to imitate the look of these weapons in the game. They are shipped in a hardened rifle case decorated with N7 livery, so it should reach you safely and without being intercepted by the Reapers!

November 17, 2021 7:27 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Hey there, you strong silent type. We’ve got some auctions for the likes of you, so how about you take a seat and check these out?

LRR Twitch Emote Cross-Stitch

A framed cross stitch with the blue dots + arrow logo of LRR featured near the top. Around it are familiar faces from Loading Ready Run and one text emote that reads "Everything is Fine"

Are you already experiencing mid-run Desert Bus withdrawal? Is the thought of not spending every day looking at these humans’ faces starting to ache in your heart? Good news: many of those faces can be on your wall, all the time, thanks to this cross-stitch of the Loading Ready Run Twitch emote collection.

Current Bid: $1,696.96


Planeswalker Soft Sculpture Dolls

Three cloth dolls are arranged in front of a white sheet. From left to right, they are: Jace Beleren (blue), Chandra Nalaar (red), and Liliana Vess (purple).

These three Planeswalkers all strode into the Soft-and-Squishy plane, and you know, they fit right in. Each of these 20″ (50cm) tall dolls has a special feature unique to the character they represent, which means that yes, of course, Jace can strip off his cloak. Meanwhile, Chandra carries a fireball and Liliana’s Pact markings glow in the dark!

Current Bid: $1,500.00

November 16, 2021 9:24 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’ve got some gorgeous items in the silent auction this fine Night Watch eve. Make sure you check them out before they’re gone (at 2am PT), and donate responsibly!

Force of Will Acrylic Art

A red acrylic design of a spike-edged circle laid onto a pentagonal wooden base. The edges of the circle are decorated with black lines, and the center image features the silhouette of a person with arms spread and white blast of power shooting from in front of their chest.

Any time you struggle to get out of bed on a Monday, you can look at this piece hanging off your wall and feel its energy surge through you. It’s a multi-layered piece with hand-engraving and laser cut detail work that create brilliant side-lit effects for that bit of extra pop.

Current Bid: $1,355.00

Labyrinth Movie Poster Quilt

A quilted version of a Labyrinth movie poster. David Bowie as the Goblin King holds a crystal ball with protagonist Sarah inside, arms wide and looking for a way out.

Wrap yourself up and get lost inside this cozy Labyrinth quilt that measures a generous 37″ by 54.5″. It’s made up of more than 1600 individual pieces and makes the perfect wall hanging tribute to this 1986 classic movie.

Current Bid: $1,500.00

November 16, 2021 7:01 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Going once, going twice, going NOW! The Live Auction has begun, so join us on stream if you want to put in your bid for Totoro and Friends – 3D Felted Wall Art!

A 3D mounted set of felted characters from the Totoro movie (including the big Totoro) standing in a lush, also felted forest.

The figures, background and leaves are sculpted from ethically sourced wool and natural fibres.

The claws, noses and whiskers are handmade from apoxie clay and a tiny sculpted acorn is bursting from a hole in little Chu’s bag.

Measurements : 48cm (L) x 38cm (W) x 9cm (D)
Totoro stands at 24cm

Update (7:20pm PT): And gone! Congratulations to abjectadvect for giving Totoro and Friends a special new home, and thank you for helping us set us a new Desert Bus high watermark donation of $16,384! For the children!

November 15, 2021 11:01 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Listen, Dawn Guard doesn’t have a monopoly on the concept of dawn. We can reference dawn even in the middle of Night Watch! Who’s gonna stop us? Not Dawn Guard – these auctions end at 2am PT, four hours before their guard begins.

Anyway, you’ve got three hours to get a bid in on these silent auctions!

Majora’s Mask Messenger Bag

A crocheted messenger bag with a rendition of Majora's Mask. The overall bag is blue, with big yellow eyes and a pattern of pink stripes.

You’d be surprised how much inventory you can fit inside one bag! Especially when it’s a lovingly hand-crafted 14.5″ by 10.5″ messenger bag inspired by Majora’s Mask. Guaranteed not to summon the Moon no matter how many times you stick your face in there.

Current Bid: $1,211.11


Watercolor Magic Tokens

A display of nine cards, each with unique art, displayed on tiny little wooden easels.

These card-sized tokens may be small but the personalities coming out of them are larger than life! All 27 of these whimsical tokens are illustrated in ink and watercolor, and they come with the tiny wooden easels shown in the display.

Current Bid: $1,000.00

November 14, 2021 9:21 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Get in on this silent auction action before 2:00am PST to take home one of these bee-yoo-tifully crafted prizes!

Paper Mario Blanket

A crocheted blanket that shows Paper Mario about to hit a question mark block. Mario is trailing a rainbow behind him as he moved, and the green grass and blue sky around him are broken into triangular bits, like folded paper.

This beautiful blanket measures 1.3m x 1.7m (4.2′ x 5.6′), just the right size for a queen bed, and it’s made from acrylic yarn that you can machine wash cold. You might think paper shouldn’t go through the washer, but Mario is resilient! Just be careful not to turn this blanket sideways because you might lose sight of it and never be able to figure out where it went.

Current Bid: $3,210.00


Warhammer 40k Desert Bus Combat Patrol

A collection of 14 Primaris minis, painted in Desert Bus colors, standing in front of a red transport bus with the Desert Bus logo on its side.

In a grim and distant future, the Desert Bus has taken on shall-we-say a more aggressive look, but rest assured that this tough-looking crew is still about having fun and helping the children. These hand-painted minis feature Desert Bus shift emblems and a transport with the DB logo.

Current Bid: $1,725.00

November 13, 2021 10:58 pm
Posted by: Soraya

You seem like a nice sort, so we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: there’s some great prizes available right now in the Silent Auction, but they’ll be gone in just three hours. Quick!

Portal Mittens

Two gray mittens outlined in orange and blue. One has an orange portal with a black human shape emerging from it, and the other has a blue portal with the same human shape stepping inside. The bottoms of the mittens are ringed by gray and pink companion cubes.

If you put a pair of portals on your hands and then stuck one of your hands into one of the portals, what exactly would happen? Would your hand come back out of… itself?

You can investigate first-hand if you bring home these Portal Mittens and you’re willing to put your body on the line. For science. And the children? For the science children.

Current Bid: $1,200

Desert Bus Shift Banner Biscornu Set

Four roughly pentagon-shaped biscornu lie side-by-side, displaying the logos (left-to-right) of Dawnguard, Alpha Shift, Night Watch, and Zeta Shift.

These pincushions are so cute that you’ll hate to put any pins in them. Luckily, they also make great decorations and conversation starters! The only thing they can’t do is be hackey sacks: we’ve been specifically warned.

Current Bid: $1,100.11

November 12, 2021 9:02 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Hello. Welcome to the Silent Auction Library, which has been proudly serving the Desert Bus community for fifteen years. We understand if you’re excited by our cool auction items, but please keep your voice down. This is an exclamation mark free zone.

Desert Bus Shift Themed Battletech Lance

Four hand-painted miniatures of battletech lancers stand on a hex grid map. Each has been painted the colors of a Desert Bus shift. From left to right, they are gold, crimson, sky blue, and dark blue.

These hand-painted miniatures let you imagine: what if Desert Bus, but with giant mechs and weapons? Each of these four Legendary Mechwarrior models sports the colors of a Desert Bus shift. The set even comes with a unique miniature of the Bus that can swap between mechs. The tiny bus made us so happy we almost used an exclamation point, but no: silent (or at least very quiet) auction.

Studio Ghibli Scarf

Dark blue and white reversible scarf decorated with characters like Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and of course, the Catbus.

Ever wished you could wrap yourself up in Studio Ghibli movies like a nice, warm hug? You can now thanks to this reversible, hand-knit scarf featuring some of your favorite characters. Totoro, Princess Mononoke, soot sprites… and yes, the Catbus. We think the Catbus is a particularly nice touch. We like buses here.


Both of these wonderful prizes will be available for bidding until 2AM PST on November 13. You’re welcome to participate, but quietly please. Thank you for visiting our Silent Auction library.

November 19, 2020 2:10 am
Posted by: Matthews

New silent auctions just popped off! And they are soft, fuzzy, and AMAZING.

First is an Animal Crossing Amigurumi Set
Animal crossingCurrent high bid is $555.00

Next is a Planeswalker Stained Glass Quilt
Planeswalker quiltCurrent high bid is $578.23

To bid on either of these prizes, you’ll need an active up-to-date donor account, so no better time than the present to sign up! Both of these auctions run until 10am PST, so keep watch if you want to win!