November 18, 2017, 3:10 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0061_001_PosterOur next donation drive is a piece from the personal vault of long-time Desert Busser Jeremy Petter. In 2009 Jeremy and our own Matt Wiggins appeared on the much loved podcast “A Life Well Wasted” to talk about weak points of bosses and cheats in classic games. Artist Olly Moss only made 208 of these prints (this being number 201) and is signed by the podcast host Robert Ashley.

This is Jer’s personal poster, there is not a replacement. He has passed it onto Desert Bus and now we are passing it onto you. Until 3:50 PM, any donations of $5.09 or multiples thereof will enter you for a chance to win this piece of Jeremy and Matt history.

Matt can even sign it…if you want.



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