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November 16, 2021 6:17 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’re forty-five minutes away from a live auction here on Night Watch! This 3D felted Totoro and Friends wall art is already waiting at the bus stop, which historically we are really very super good at stopping at and totally not missing our stops at all. Yep.

A 3D mounted set of felted characters from the Totoro movie (including the big Totoro) standing in a lush, also felted forest.

Make sure you come by the Desert Bus stream at 7pm PT for a chance to save these sweet munchkin creatures from the rain!

November 12, 2021 9:02 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Hello. Welcome to the Silent Auction Library, which has been proudly serving the Desert Bus community for fifteen years. We understand if you’re excited by our cool auction items, but please keep your voice down. This is an exclamation mark free zone.

Desert Bus Shift Themed Battletech Lance

Four hand-painted miniatures of battletech lancers stand on a hex grid map. Each has been painted the colors of a Desert Bus shift. From left to right, they are gold, crimson, sky blue, and dark blue.

These hand-painted miniatures let you imagine: what if Desert Bus, but with giant mechs and weapons? Each of these four Legendary Mechwarrior models sports the colors of a Desert Bus shift. The set even comes with a unique miniature of the Bus that can swap between mechs. The tiny bus made us so happy we almost used an exclamation point, but no: silent (or at least very quiet) auction.

Studio Ghibli Scarf

Dark blue and white reversible scarf decorated with characters like Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and of course, the Catbus.

Ever wished you could wrap yourself up in Studio Ghibli movies like a nice, warm hug? You can now thanks to this reversible, hand-knit scarf featuring some of your favorite characters. Totoro, Princess Mononoke, soot sprites… and yes, the Catbus. We think the Catbus is a particularly nice touch. We like buses here.


Both of these wonderful prizes will be available for bidding until 2AM PST on November 13. You’re welcome to participate, but quietly please. Thank you for visiting our Silent Auction library.