November 23, 2017, 1:39 pm
Posted by: Stephanie

Jerry Holkins is a curator of many awesome things, but today it’s his brain that’s on the line.

Jerry has a fair bit of experience at the Tabletop when it comes to Dungeon Mastering and he wants to share that knowledge with you. You’ll get an hour session with Jerry over the internet (Skype/Hangout/VOIP) to get some expert level DM advice. Whether that’s giving you world-building tips or the best way to keep a party engaged you can have your burning DM questions answered.

November 23, 2017, 1:15 pm
Posted by: Stephanie

We’re almost done, everyone. We only have a few things left to give. Here’s they are, our LAST Silent Auctions.

First up, we have our very last Ken Steacy lot! It’s a big stack of books, all contain work by Ken, and of course they are also all signed by Ken. PLEASE NOTE: At the request of Ken Steacy, and with the permission of Child’s Play, 50% of the donations for this item will go to the Desert Bus organizing team, in recognition of their efforts in putting on this event. The other 50% will go to Child’s Play.

This is currently at over $468 and goes until 6:00pm PST.

Next up we have two sets of Desert Bus themed shoes, one set of high heels and one not. Both shoes are (around) a US size 8. They depict the fun and excitement of desert bus made from pictures and modpodge, with a little pink paint and sharpie on the bottom depicting the tradition of the shame ticket.

These shoes are currently going for $180 and the auctions ends at 6:00pm PST.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have the yearly auction of providing a keg of beer for the Desert Bus after-party. That’s it. That’s literally all it is, buying us beer because you love us. And we’re tired. The high bidder for this lot will receive an official “Beer Provider” certificate and the satisfaction of knowing they helped get the Desert Bus crew tipsy (on something other than sleep deprivation) after a week of utter insanity.


This is currently at $2,500! You all must really love us! This also ends at 6:00pm PST.

November 23, 2017, 1:00 pm
Posted by: Tim

WyrmwoodWe welcome back Wyrmwood Gaming as a sponsor for Desert Bus 2017.

Wyrmwood Gaming is a small customer-focused company founded by three friends, whose mission is to deliver exceptionally crafted tabletop gaming accessories. They offer elegant deck boxes, dice towers, dice vaults, and more in an array of beautiful, natural, premium hardwoods.

Thank you Wyrmwood Gaming for your contributions and continued support of Desert Bus for Hope!

November 23, 2017, 12:20 pm
Posted by: Stephanie

Next up on the docket is a giveaway for Hidden Crashmaster! It’s a Secret Hitler reskin themed around Desert Bus, all art is drawn digitally and the board pieces are made of wood.

So donate $6.18 before 1:15pm PST for your chance to win this super unique board game!

November 23, 2017, 12:00 pm
Posted by: Ash

Jerry Holkins Will be calling into Desert Bus on November 23rd at 2:00pm (PST)

Jerry HolkinsJerry Holkins is the primary writer of the webcomic Penny Arcade along with its artist Mike Krahulik. Holkins sometimes uses the pseudonym “Tycho Brahe”, the name of his Penny Arcade character.

Together with Krahulik, Holkins created the Penny Arcade Expo beginning in 2004, a series of gaming festivals held in Seattle, Boston, Australia, and San Antonio. He is also a co-founder of Child’s Play, a multimillion-dollar charity which supports a network of hospitals worldwide and US domestic violence support facilities through donations of toys and games.

Have a question for Jerry? Leave it in the comments below.

November 23, 2017, 10:33 am
Posted by: John

We have some awesome new silent auctions underway with some incredibly cool items including:

Signed Book Lot by Ken (Value Added) Steacy!

Provide a keg of beer for the Desert Bus after-party

Desert Bus shoes


If you’re interested, sign up for a donor account and head over to the silent auctions page. From there, you can also see other upcoming silent auctions. These silent auctions will run until 6pm PST.


November 23, 2017, 10:27 am
Posted by: Stephanie

We have one of our last, super crazy Magic the Gathering giveaways, a lot of SDCC exclusives including a set of Planeswalkers, a box of Ixalan, an artbook, and a playmat! This was already incredibly hard to get, but now unless you have a time machine, you really CAN’T get this anymore!

So donate $5.15 or multiples thereof until 11:30am PST for your chance to win this!

November 23, 2017, 10:00 am
Posted by: Ash

Driving: Thursday, Nov 23rd 10am – 10pm

Paul Saunderspaul_lg

Has been driving for: oh, so many years.

Points: 7

Crashes: 4

On vacation in South America, Paul was bitten by a radioactive sloth. He gained the proportional laziness of a sloth but has pledged to use his powers only to help those in need. Upon further investigation, it is possible that the sloth wasn’t actually radioactive, in which case, the laziness was inside him all along!

November 23, 2017, 8:21 am
Posted by: Stephanie
We have our very last uncut sheet of Magic the Gathering 2011 Commander, this time it’s the Devour for Power deck!

So donate $5.10 (or multiples thereof) until 9:45am PST!


November 23, 2017, 7:24 am
Posted by: Stephanie
We’re down to only a few silent auctions left! Check out these cool things!

First up is this amazing Owlbear that is painstakingly needle-felted with merino wool over a wire and foam base. Its feet and beak are lovingly sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylics. It is currently going for $2000! Ends at 10:00am PST.


These beautifully handmade Night in the Woods character plushes are made of fleece with embroidery details. This lot is currently going for $404 and ends at 10:00am PST.

And last up, we have a very special LRR lot, one of each of the following items, from what is available in the online LRR store. You can see current store items here:
– t-shirt of choice
– Hoodie
– Playmat
– LRR pin of choice

Also included in this lot is “One year of Feathercrate”. Which means that Featherweight will mail you cool things that he makes throughout the year.

This is currently going for almost $900! This also ends at 10:00am PST.