November 19, 2020, 8:07 pm
Posted by: Nina

When they’re not busy driving a bus across a desert, many of the entertainers broadcast as part of a comedy troupe called LoadingReadyRun. You might’ve heard of ’em. And if you like watching weekly paper fights, video game news, cross-country road trips, thirty-second punchlines, (not) serious debates about (questionably) important topics, and more, you’ll love this premium prize pack of LoadingReadyRun loot!


The winner of this prize pack will receive:
1 LoadingReadyRun t-shirt. (Size and style to be chosen by the lot winner.)
1 LoadingReadyRun Pinny Arcade pin. (To be chosen by the lot winner.)
1 LoadingReadyRun playmat. (To be chosen by the lot winner.)
1 LoadingReadyRun hoodie. (Size to be chosen by the lot winner.)

To be in with a chance of winning, donate $6.91, or multiples thereof ($13.82, $20.73, $27.64 etc.) until 9:30PM PST!

November 19, 2020, 7:28 pm
Posted by: Nina

Surprised Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

We have raised $750K this year for Child’s Play Charity!

Well Done Reaction GIF by Aardman Animations

HUGE Desert Bus thank you to everyone for watching and continuing to support us as you are able! We love you!

Thank U GIF by chuber channel


November 19, 2020, 7:25 pm
Posted by: Nina

Time is running out for our wisdomous fish! Will they finally escape Tenopia, or be trapped forever in the watery Sea Kingdom? It’s up to you!

breaking news GIF by Jacqueline Jing Lin

To return to the sea farms, donate $5.41!

To head east, donate $5.35!

Donate until 7:55PM PST!

November 19, 2020, 7:04 pm
Posted by: Nina

Straight from our friends at Heroic Replicas comes this incredible pair of ancient Hylian relics: the Master Sword AND Hylian Shield!


The Master Sword has a blade made of tempered high carbon steel. The hilt, pommel and accents are cast in bronze. The hilt and pommel are painted a brilliant shade of blue, and the Master Sword comes complete with a concrete pedestal. The Master Sword is nearly 42″ long and weighs almost 9 lbs.

The Hylian Shield comes complete with removable handle and leather strap. The crests on the front are also cast aluminum, with machined bronze triangles forming the Triforce emblem, and a Loftwing gracing the front in red vinyl.

Everything is a little different this year, so please tune in at 10:00PM PST for details on this donation drive!

November 19, 2020, 6:33 pm
Posted by: Nina

In previous years we have given you the opportunity to be the Official Sponsor of our beer keg at the volunteer appreciation afterparty, however this year (much like Desert Bus itself) this event must be virtual, and James cannot drink a whole keg of beer on his own. So instead you have the chance to be the Official Sponsor of James’s 6-Pack of Beer for the Virtual Afterparty! The winner of this auction will receive a certificate recognizing you as such, and James will also mail you a Polaroid of himself drinking the beer during the afterparty!


As with all of our auctions, the money from this will go directly to Child’s Play. James has to buy his own beer.

This auction ends at 10:00PM tonight!

November 19, 2020, 5:59 pm
Posted by: Tim


We’ve just wrapped up the last Alpha Flight shift of Desert Bus for Hope 2020. We hope you’ve enjoyed this afternoon’s collection of cursed toilets, RPG questions, videos of how things get made, and chill tunes. And we were visited by Jerry Holkins for much of the afternoon today!

From all of us here at Alpha Flight, thanks for tuning in. But, don’t go too far, because the last Night Watch and Omega Shift is imminent! Here’s some memories from today’s final Alpha Flight…

We review threatening toilets:

Jerry shows off some of his album collection:

What’s It Made, Round 2:

Jacob graciously concedes his Kindness War with Zeta:

We answer some of your questions about D&D and RPGs:

And, finally, we are graciously visited by the auspicious Wisdom Dog:

Remember, for the latest updates, stay tuned to You can also catch up on the latest #DB2020 happenings around the web…


November 19, 2020, 5:40 pm
Posted by: Tim

As is tradition, our final Live Auction of Desert Bus for Hope 2020 will be tonight at 7:00pm PST for the oversized Desert Bus for Hope 2020 Poster! As in previous years, the poster has been illustrated live through the run by the talented and generous M. Lee Lunsford. Here’s a snapshot of the poster as it is right now…


This poster that we’re offering during this Live Auction is ultra special as it’s the only full-movie-poster sized copy that will ever be created!

Remember, to bid on Live Auctions, you’ll need to have a Donor Account and link it to your Twitch account. All Live Auctions are conducted in chat at Be sure to watch chat for updates during the auction, as the chat is usually a few seconds ahead of the video feed.

And, don’t forget, if you’d like a regular sized, but still just as awesome, poster, you can get that at the Desert Bus store at through the rest of the run this evening.

November 19, 2020, 5:20 pm
Posted by: Tim


This year, we’ve asked our community to share what Desert Bus for Hope and Child’s Play means to them, and what impact they’ve had on their lives. Here is a selection of these community submissions…

We want to hear your story! You can tweet using the #DBToMe hashtag throughout the rest of this year’s run. We’ll be retweeting submissions throughout the run on the @desertbus Twitter feed and highlighting a selection of tweets from the community here on the blog.

As always, thanks for being a part of our community and your support of Child’s Play!

November 19, 2020, 5:03 pm
Posted by: Tim

Omega Shift banner.

We appear to be coming up on the last evening of Desert Bus for Hope 2020! We want to take a moment to preview all the amazing things that are coming up this evening… on OMEGA SHIFT.

Omega Shift, for those that are new to the bus, is a bonus shift that occurs towards the end of the event, where the entertainers and staff from each shift come together for the final few hours of the run. With so many people and so much going on, it’s hard to tell exactly what shift is happening, so we call it Omega Shift!

A photo of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.As discussed on stream, because things are a little different this year, we’re changing things up. Here’s a rough outline of what you can expect this evening (though this is subject to change, so watch the stream and our Twitter for the latest updates)…

We’ll start off the night with our friends on Night Watch. Stay tuned for the Night Watch News and other fun happenings. And tonight at 7:00pm PST, we’ll be auctioning the one and only large-print Desert Bus for Hope 2020 poster!

At 10:00pm PST tonight, we’ll be kicking off Omega Shift and our final Donation Drive… the replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield! Also, be sure to tune in for Erika’s Ultimate Trivia Challenge!

Around 11:00pm PST tonight, we’ll be doing our Thank You’s. Normally, we do this at the very end of the run, but this year we’ve bumped this up earlier for logistical reasons.

After that… who knows how long we’ll be bussing? We’ll spend the rest of the time hanging out, taking challenges, and just having a good time. When it’s time… we’ll draw the Mystery Box winner and… finally… Crash. That. Bus.

November 19, 2020, 4:50 pm
Posted by: Tim

War Kitty is here! Inspired by the Desert Bus 2019 Late Night Dub Fight, we’re giving away this custom created Hello Kitty Gundam, complete with custom painting and decals, in this Donation Drive.

A photo of the custom hello kitty gundam.

There are so many small details in this creation, anything we write here would overlook something, so we’re just gonna point you over to the details page to take in all the photos.

Donate $7.74 (or multiples thereof) for a chance to win this prize. We’ll run this donation drive until 5:30pm PST.