November 18, 2021, 8:41 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’re coming down to the wire and this is your last chance to snag a (physical) item from the silent auctions at Desert Bus for Hope. Let’s take a look at this dragon’s hoard of precious gems!

Fairytale Dragon

An intricately stitched purple dragon perches on top of a bookshelf shaped like an armchair. The dragon is wearing spectacles and reading from a book with a threaded key hanging from it as a bookmark.

Read any good books lately? This dragon has. He’s made up of 24,000+ stitches, which is probably just half as many books as he owns, and comes on an 8×10″ cloth ready for framing. Just make sure you handle with care: he really hates getting dog-eared.

Current Bid: $4,321.98


Shift Banner Gem Bottles

A lineup of four small glass bottles stoppered with corks. Each bottle has a different color of gemstones inside, starting from the left: yellow, red, blue, and purple. They also have metal emblems for each Desert Bus shift logo.

Which shift is your favorite? Aw, we can’t pick – they’re all gems! Specifically these gems which come in cute little glass bottles (one for each shift) that you can display or even wear as jewelry:

Dawnguard – Citrine, red agate, howlite and goldstone
Alpha Flight – Red coral, howlite and garnet
Night Watch – Blue goldstone, moonstone, neon apatite and turquoise
Zeta – Iolite, moonstone and amethyst

Current Bid: $1,111.10

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