November 14, 2021, 9:21 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Get in on this silent auction action before 2:00am PST to take home one of these bee-yoo-tifully crafted prizes!

Paper Mario Blanket

A crocheted blanket that shows Paper Mario about to hit a question mark block. Mario is trailing a rainbow behind him as he moved, and the green grass and blue sky around him are broken into triangular bits, like folded paper.

This beautiful blanket measures 1.3m x 1.7m (4.2′ x 5.6′), just the right size for a queen bed, and it’s made from acrylic yarn that you can machine wash cold. You might think paper shouldn’t go through the washer, but Mario is resilient! Just be careful not to turn this blanket sideways because you might lose sight of it and never be able to figure out where it went.

Current Bid: $3,210.00


Warhammer 40k Desert Bus Combat Patrol

A collection of 14 Primaris minis, painted in Desert Bus colors, standing in front of a red transport bus with the Desert Bus logo on its side.

In a grim and distant future, the Desert Bus has taken on shall-we-say a more aggressive look, but rest assured that this tough-looking crew is still about having fun and helping the children. These hand-painted minis feature Desert Bus shift emblems and a transport with the DB logo.

Current Bid: $1,725.00

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