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November 19, 2021 6:14 am
Posted by: Matthews

We’ve sang, we’ve danced, we went to a bunny museum, and we found out who, indeed, was that Animorphs. But all good things must come to an end. And in this case, the good thing is Zeta. Well, unless donations get real, real wild. So let’s just assume that this is the last Zeta. And here’s what happened.


Moon’s Haunted.

We learned a little about Beej and Heather’s wedding

The final entry in the Kindness War, prior to the Omega cease fire:

If Loading Ready Run did a heist, would they do it like this, or like this?

Zeta is still working on being Drift Compatible, but we’re getting there. …On the last shift.

Beej and Mike set up a little surprise…

And that’s all they wrote.

Zeta is a weird and wonderful shift. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a wonderful rest of the run, throw up a ‘Z’ (left hand over right!), and hang out with us for the rest of Omega!!!!!

November 18, 2021 6:05 am
Posted by: Matthews

Goodness gracious, we have another Zeta under our belt! Were you there? Do you remember what happened? Because we only kind of do… If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed!

Zeta arrives on the scene, hot and ready like a Little Caeser’s pizza!

Did you know that you can replace “Christmas” with “Cryptid” in any holiday song? Let’s make December weird.

Molly serenaded us with Edith Piaf

A talk about how pobody’s nerfect, but anyone can be a musician

The Kindness War continues. Shots fired from Alpha Flight. And by shots, I mean snacks.

Heather explained how babies get their magic powers

And now, an actual knowledge drop on Zeta!

4:20 Quiz It! We finally learned who, indeed, is that Animorphs. It was hard mode.

Gonna let this one speak for itself…


And that’s the end of Zeta! But not the end of the Bus!! Dawn Guard carries us on into… Whatever they are planning. Keep watching, keep chatting, and keep donating!

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November 17, 2021 6:32 am
Posted by: Matthews

We Are Zeta. We are Legion. We are… Sleepy. Welcome To Desert Bus For Hope, already in progress. If you are just now joining us, you missed a fair few things…


Were you wondering if you were an Animorph? The Zeta crew offers a few tips to figure it out.

The Kindness War continues. It’s the yeast Alpha Flight can do for us. I’m sorry.

Beej reviled the secrets of the Freemasons. No one tell the Masons.

We crossed many an animal. And learned about Jingle, the maybe reindeer?

In a quiet moment, Heather and Beej explained how they got involved with LRR. It was Ian’s fault.

Beej steps away, and we learn more about Dune.

4:20- Wavelength!!!

And we end out our shift with the winners of our art contest!!


Goodbye and goodnight, everyone. We’ll see you next Zeta!

November 16, 2021 6:12 am
Posted by: Matthews

Zeta has donned their caps, turned off the lights, ignored the sun, and gone the bus to bed. If you, meanwhile, are just waking up, here’s a recap!


Our resident Dune experts got deeper into the lore:

Here on Zeta, you can learn a lot about mechanical engineering, and zoology.

Zeta shared pro gamer strats

“If I Had a Bigger Keyboard”- A Molly and Beej Joint

Molly blessed us with “Bless The Telephone”

Heather smacks down a crack-a-pack, and it is IICONIC!

I would apologize for the nightmares. But I shan’t.

And a quick check-in with Zeta’s continuing secret lego assembly! With bonus autotune!

And that’s that for last night’s Zeta! Keep watching, keep donating, and keep telling all your friends!

November 20, 2020 6:28 am
Posted by: Matthews



This year has been tough for a lot of folks, and we weren’t sure how we were going to bus this year. But we knew that we were going to bus. That was certain. Even though we couldn’t be together in person, we still came together. And we bussed. We bussed so, so much.

This year, we broke so many records. We raised over $7,000,000 lifetime. We bussed for an amazing 164 hours, and thanks to you, this year we raised…


That is amazing. We cannot thank you all enough for all of your generosity, your humor, and your constant support as we drive from Tucson to Las Vegas, and back again. We are so blown away by the giving nature of our community, and how much you donated to Child’s Play Charity.

While we may have parked the bus for another year, don’t worry! If you want to re-watch your favorite moments, check out our youtube, and keep an eye on our social media for news on next year’s run. But for now, we’re all going to bed.


Thank you. You made it a great one. We’ll see you next year.

November 19, 2020 6:00 am
Posted by: Matthews

hi beej

We have come to the end of (at least as of right now) our final Zeta of Desert Bus. I know, it makes me sad too. But as Captain Picard said, All Good Things… Did you miss what we got up to? Never fear, the wrap-up is here!

Beejum Ipsum strikes again!

Alex joined Zeta with what can be considered ‘Existential Crisis Tarot’

The Kindness War… The Kindness War never changes

We got another special guest call in!


We learn a lot about each other. Maybe more than needed.

All week long, Zeta has been part of a Sleep Dep Cognitive Decline study. It has come to its end.

Creatures were Intersected, and pipes were cleaned

Steeee-rech for time

Wyatt Mason. Wyatt Mason Wyatt Mason. Wyatt. Mason.

Molly and Beej perform a duet!

And as is tradition, Beej performed “When I Fall”, by The Barenaked Ladies

Molly treated us all to a performance of “Horizons Anew”

And as Zeta closes out our final shift, we would like to thank you all so much. You all have made this week amazing.

Just because we have reached the end of Zeta, that doesn’t mean we have reached the end of Desert Bus! Right now, we have 18 hours left in the run. Want us to bus longer? Donate!

November 18, 2020 7:11 am
Posted by: Matthews

Zeta… Happened. Against all odds, Zeta happened. And here’s what you missed!

We opened the shift with gifts from Jacob, as is tradition!

Time for a discussion of Tom Hooper’s 2019 masterpiece, CATS

Zeta learned geography. In a matter of speaking.

Memes happened. That is all.

It’s Shelley Duvall!

It’s the 3am Stretch Break! Stretch for time!

Creatures were intersected within a Dennyy’s.

Beejum Ipsum strikes again!

Give it up for the Society Data Witches, and 4:20 Blase It!

Clearly our audience were bred to be artists

And that ends our broadcast day.

Even though Zeta is toddling off to bed, the bus rides on! We have more inscrutable events ahead, so keep watching!

November 17, 2020 6:29 am
Posted by: Matthews

Goooooood Morning Desert Bus!! Did you sleep through Zeta again? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. We’ve got you covered, though. Here are the highlights from last night’s Zeta shift!

We open, as is tradition, with Wheej at the helm.

Zeta found out that they have been renamed ‘Wingdings’. Well, if we are a font, there’s no rule that the other shifts can’t be.

Zeta was thoughtfully left gifts by Jacob.

Yes, art is in the eye of the beholder, but, I mean…

We finally dealt with that kink in our neck

We all learned that Dwarf Fortress is basically Fantasy Blaseball.

Creature Intersection? In my Zeta? It’s more likely than you think

Zeta hasn’t seen the sun in a while. So the sun came to visit

Today on 4:20 Blase In, Cori explains The Coffee Cup

Zeta practices their psychic powers with Wavelength

Beej and Molly created, well, not beautiful, but music nonetheless

And that’s Zeta coming to a close. Good bye, and good night

But just because Zeta has begun their hibernation doesn’t mean you have to! Keep your eyes on the stream for more!

November 16, 2020 6:21 am
Posted by: Matthews

It happened again. Dawn Guard kicked us out. They said something about coffee pong? But just because we have taken our leave, doesn’t mean we didn’t get up to some shinanigans in the wee hours of the morning. Here are some of Day 3 Zeta’s greatest hits!!

We were so excited to check on our bus… Just to learn that it had been crashed by Dawn Guard. Again.

Beej presents the the giveaways. Kind of? I guess?


We talk American Sign Language

But have you considered bog roll… As a hat?

Coming soon to a theater near you, the Geography Game Cinematic Universe!

We yet again open The Book on Blaseball

We learned that names of English towns have vestigial letters

And as we end our broadcast, we bid you a fond farewell.

But just because Zeta has fled from the sun, doesn’t mean you have to leave with us! Stick around for the shenanigans. donation drives, and whatever else might happen here at Desert Bus!!

November 15, 2020 6:05 am
Posted by: Matthews

Good morning, all. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Zeta shift has gone to bed. But while we were awake, here’s what we got up to!

It began, as it always does, with Jock Jams!

Don’t let him fool you, Beej was there… Or was he?

And a new Zeta cryptid was discovered:

Then, there were food crimes.

We entered… The Creature Intersection.

Zeta discusses stress. And Beej discusses a remote-controlled part of his home.

Oh dip, it’s 4:20! Blase it!!

We’ve come to the end of Zeta, and pair with it a discussion of how we finish our day. Maybe you’ll get some ideas? Maybe not.