November 18, 2021, 7:56 pm
Posted by: Soraya

This board game is guaranteed to get your motor running, unless you’re really, really bad at playing it because that’s literally the whole game. Steampunk Rally Fusion lets you build and boost your very own racing machine!

A deluxe set of multiple items: a purple shirt with a logo of a rooster wearing goggles. A board game labeled "Steampunk Rally Fushion" and featuring a young woman of color smirking over her shoulder at the racers she's left in the dust. Finally, there is an Iron Spades deck and a collection of accessories to support the game.

This deluxe edition not only gives you everything you need to play the game: it also gives you everything you need to impress your friends at game night. It has a booster pack with additional racers and machine parts along with a collection of accessories such as metal cogs that are, trust us, very gratifying to hold. Roxley decided that wasn’t enough, so they also threw in a pack of Iron Spades playing cards and a comfy purple jersey with their logo. Your race car deserves spoilers and so do you.

Donate $6.51 or multiples thereof before 8:45pm PT for a chance to win this deluxe set. Plus! Everyone who participates in ANY of our Night Watch giveaways tonight will also be automatically entered for a chance to win the 2021 Desert Bus T-shirt. Two for one! Go get it!

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