November 16, 2021, 6:12 am
Posted by: Matthews

Zeta has donned their caps, turned off the lights, ignored the sun, and gone the bus to bed. If you, meanwhile, are just waking up, here’s a recap!


Our resident Dune experts got deeper into the lore:

Here on Zeta, you can learn a lot about mechanical engineering, and zoology.

Zeta shared pro gamer strats

“If I Had a Bigger Keyboard”- A Molly and Beej Joint

Molly blessed us with “Bless The Telephone”

Heather smacks down a crack-a-pack, and it is IICONIC!

I would apologize for the nightmares. But I shan’t.

And a quick check-in with Zeta’s continuing secret lego assembly! With bonus autotune!

And that’s that for last night’s Zeta! Keep watching, keep donating, and keep telling all your friends!

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