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November 17, 2021 12:00 am
Posted by: Soraya

At this point, we’re about to slap a communicator on these thwomps and make them part of the USS Tucson crew. We hosted an art contest to show just how far this infestation has gone!

Winner: Sierrmo

Graham in his red Star Trek uniform lies on a pile of thwomps, wearing his Australian cork hat. Other crew members appear partially covered by thwomps - swamped by thwomps, if you will.

Thanks to everyone who sent in art! We had a lot of entries that made us laugh, and made it hard to choose just one (or heck, even narrow down the Honorable Mentions). Congratulations to Sierrmo, and we hope you enjoy your Desert Bus shirt!

Honorable Mention: RueBloodletter

The full Night Watch crew, in their Star Trek uniforms, are trying to dance while thwomps attack them from every side.

Honorable Mention: Discordant Creations

A Mario Maker level featuring Ian as Mario and Graham as Luigi. They are about to tackle a series of jumps defended by thwomps decorated in the Desert Bus shift colors.

Honorable Mention: Tichtac

In a room labeled "Craftalong Lab," several people are innocently trying to do art while Thwomps attack (and wrap themselves happily in the fibercraft).

Honorable Mention: TowerSlayer Note: we couldn’t get the gif to play in WordPress, but if it did you would see an avalanche of Thwomps fall down and fill the screen!

Animated gif showing Andrew and Ian on the couch at Moonbase. Thwomps begin to fall from top-of-screen until the whole thing is full of thwomps.

November 16, 2021 7:37 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’ve had <URGH!> a bit of an ongoing problem here on <URGH!> Night Watch. They were cute at first but <URGH! URGH!> these Thwomps have really started to get out <URGH!> of <URGH!> hand <URGGGGGGH!>.

Three thwomps in Mario 64. They are lined up side by side and showcase gradually deepening stages of anger.

All styles of Thwomp are <URGH!> welcome!


But we’re all about making the best <URGH!> of things, so let’s have an art contest! Please send us <URGH!> your rendition of a room on the USS Tucson being overwhelmed by Thwomps. You know, like <URGH!> Tribbles!

Send your art to [email protected] with the subject line “Thwomps” before 11pm Pacific Time. In the body <URGH> of the email also make sure to include your <URGH!> Desert Bus For Hope username, your chat name, or whatever <URGH!> else you’d like to be called out loud on stream! We’ll pick our <URGH!> favorite to win a free Desert Bus t-shirt! <URGH URGH URGH!>