November 16, 2021, 7:37 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’ve had <URGH!> a bit of an ongoing problem here on <URGH!> Night Watch. They were cute at first but <URGH! URGH!> these Thwomps have really started to get out <URGH!> of <URGH!> hand <URGGGGGGH!>.

Three thwomps in Mario 64. They are lined up side by side and showcase gradually deepening stages of anger.

All styles of Thwomp are <URGH!> welcome!


But we’re all about making the best <URGH!> of things, so let’s have an art contest! Please send us <URGH!> your rendition of a room on the USS Tucson being overwhelmed by Thwomps. You know, like <URGH!> Tribbles!

Send your art to [email protected] with the subject line “Thwomps” before 11pm Pacific Time. In the body <URGH> of the email also make sure to include your <URGH!> Desert Bus For Hope username, your chat name, or whatever <URGH!> else you’d like to be called out loud on stream! We’ll pick our <URGH!> favorite to win a free Desert Bus t-shirt! <URGH URGH URGH!>

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