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November 18, 2021 2:12 am
Posted by: Matthews

bright magic

Brighten up your battlefield with these bright and unique collections of Magic Cards. Both sets are in premium foil.

The Valentine’s Day 2021 collection includes Goblin Rabblemaster (with Goblin token), Monastery Swiftspear, Boros Charm, and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, all featuring art by Brandi Milne. (Due to a production error the copy of Heliod, Sun-Crowned that was intended to be in this pack was not included).

Faerie, Faerie, Faerie Rad includes copies of Spellstutter Sprite, Mistbind Clique, Glen Elendra Archmage, and Vendilion Clique, all with bright and colourful borderless art by Jen Bartel, Maria Abagnale, Rian Gonzales, and Maria Poliakova.

Sign up for or log in to your Donor Account, then donate $8.08 (or multiples thereof) for a chance to win this prize. We’ll run this giveaway until 3:45am PST.

November 16, 2021 6:23 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We’re beginning to sense a trend in the items assigned to Night Watch… seems like you all like Magic: The Gathering, so how about trying your luck on this Magic Double Masters VIP Box?

A box of Magic: the Gathering cards with the red fork-like logo, glowing on  gray background. It's labeled Double Masters VIP Edition

Twice the rares, twice the fun! Double Masters introduced a new twist on the Masters set: each booster pack contains two rares or mythic rares. But the VIP Edition is no mere booster pack. Each VIP edition contains 33 cards and 2 foil tokens. The cards include two rare or mythic cards with borderless art only found in the VIP Edition. It also contains two other foil rares or mythics, 8 foil uncommons, 9 foil commons, 10 full art basic lands, and 2 foil full art basic lands.

Donate $8.02 or multiples thereof before 7:00pm PT for a chance to win!

November 15, 2021 9:59 pm
Posted by: Soraya

You’ve been there, you’ve drafted that – listen, we know. Sometimes you just wanna mix it up a little! Enter this two-in-one giveaway for two Magic: the Gathering booster boxes that the Night Watch crew thinks are the most fun to draft: Unstable and Battlebond.

Two boxes of Magic: the Gathering cards stacked on top of each other. The top box, Unstable, features a person dressed as a very strange scientist with a broad grin. The second box, Battlebond, shows a large ogre surrounded by cards.

Whether you want to answer important questions like “how powerful is a kitten with a shark’s body” or team up with a friend to draft a deck designed for the Two-Headed Giant format, this dual set will definitely shake up your draft night.

Donate $5.55 or multiples thereof before 10:30pm PT to enter this giveaway!

November 14, 2021 9:41 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Do you want your deck to be MORE METAL!? Would your deck not last three seconds in a mosh pit!? THEN YOU NEED THIS PRIZE!!!!

A highly decorated card stands in front of a pitch black box. The card is labeled "Anguished Unmaking" and features elaborate golden wings decorated with four human skulls.

The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands and Party Hard, Shred Harder sets feature the MOST METAL basic lands of ALL TIME and also five classic cards with BRUTAL ART! Tell your opponent that you mean business and that they are in for some PAIN!!

Donate $6.66 or multiples thereof by 11:00pm PST! YEAHHH!!

November 14, 2021 6:23 pm
Posted by: Soraya

Desert Bus is about open-hearted charity, community, and care… while this Magic: the Gathering Conspiracy set is about everything but.

A large box labeled Magic: the Gathering Conspiracy. The box art features a glowing blue wizard flanked by four other characters who look like pirates and thieves.

Conspiracy’s free-for-all multiplayer format fills your hand with tricky, secret cards and underhanded ways to influence the table in your favor. It’s the perfect recipe for brazen backstabbery and it could be yours for a donation of $11.02 or multiples thereof.

Donate before 7:30PM PST to throw your hat in the ring for this sneaky set!

November 13, 2021 8:02 pm
Posted by: Soraya

You got your D&D in my Magic! You got your Magic in my D&D!

A box of Magic: the Gathering booster cards with a Dungeons & Dragons crossover theme. The box art features a Beholder (giant eyeball with tiny eyeball stalks on its head) casting magic at a party of adventurers.

We’re giving away a Magic booster set featuring the wonderful world of D&D, with 30 set booster packs that each have 12 magic cards, 1 art card, and 1 token card. If you’re lucky enough to win this set, you’re probably lucky enough to get some real winners in the set, don’t you think?

Donate $8.89 or multiples thereof by 8:45pm PST for a chance to win!

November 13, 2021 1:36 am
Posted by: Matthews

Have you ever wanted a garment that was some sort of identity crisis between a scarf a shawl and a small blanket? Do you enjoy demonstrating infinite loops within an infinite loop? Do you like to touch soft, luxurious objects and rub them on your face? If one or more of these things are true, then this is the item for you! Hand knit from Premier Retro Velvet yarn in warm and friendly Mink grey, this scarf contains a laboriously patterned design of mana tap arrows feeding endlessly into each other with edge details of the five colored mana symbols.

Infinite Mana scarf

This Infinite Mana Scarf has been donated by our very own DasBoomer!!!

This giveaway is open until 3:30am. You can enter with donations of $8.05, or multiple positive integers thereof. You must have a donor account in order to enter! You can donate right here! Best of luck!!!!!

November 18, 2020 6:57 pm
Posted by: Nina

There is a land where gods vie for the favour of mortals, their power fuelled by their followers’ belief. Yet a threat stirs against all, as the Lord of the Dead rises from the Underworld, threatening to take all back with him. Will you heed the call and stand and fight? Will you place your faith in the gods, or you own hands? Whatever path you choose know this: it will be filled with danger, and threaten the very heart of all you hold dear.


Fortunately, afterwards, you can just wave your thanks to your opponent (at an appropriate physical distance), offer thanks for the game, and get on with your day. This lot features a complete foil set of MTG: Theros Beyond Death, as per the premium foil redemption set from Magic Online.

To be in with a chance of winning, donate $7.23, or multiples thereof (e.g. $14.46, $21.69, $28.92 etc.) until 7:50PM PST!

November 16, 2020 4:30 am
Posted by: Matthews

Have you ever wanted your Magic to be… Shiny? Well, it certainly will be if you win this Ikoria: Lair Of Behemoths Complete Foil Set!
Ikoria pack

Come join us in a land where behemoths shake the ground with their thunderous footfalls, and the tiny mortals quiver in fear or awe at their power. This Magic card lot features a full Magic Online Redemption set of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and not only that, but they are all foil. Seriously, every cardin Ikoria, in stunning foil. What I’m trying to say is these monsters are shiny, and that obviously makes them deadlier*.

*Lethality only presumed, not guaranteed. If they fail, don’t blame us.

To enter this giveaway, donate $11.70 or multiple positive integers thereof from now until 5:40am PST for a chance to win! Please make sure that your donor account is set up, and up to date, so that we can scream your name to the skies if you win!

November 15, 2020 12:42 am
Posted by: Matthews

We would like to welcome Channel Fireball as a sponsor of this year’s Desert Bus For Hope. They channel fireballhave provided us with Magic goodies to pass on to all of you for this year’s run.

Channel Fireball is the home of free Magic strategy content, as well as an online retailer for Magic: The Gathering singles and accessories. They have been in the collectible card game market in one manner or another for over 15 years, and this year they are sponsoring Desert Bus.

Thank you Channel Fireball for your support this year!