November 16, 2020, 4:30 am
Posted by: Matthews

Have you ever wanted your Magic to be… Shiny? Well, it certainly will be if you win this Ikoria: Lair Of Behemoths Complete Foil Set!
Ikoria pack

Come join us in a land where behemoths shake the ground with their thunderous footfalls, and the tiny mortals quiver in fear or awe at their power. This Magic card lot features a full Magic Online Redemption set of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, and not only that, but they are all foil. Seriously, every cardin Ikoria, in stunning foil. What I’m trying to say is these monsters are shiny, and that obviously makes them deadlier*.

*Lethality only presumed, not guaranteed. If they fail, don’t blame us.

To enter this giveaway, donate $11.70 or multiple positive integers thereof from now until 5:40am PST for a chance to win! Please make sure that your donor account is set up, and up to date, so that we can scream your name to the skies if you win!

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