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November 19, 2017 2:24 pm
Posted by: Az

We showed off Desert Bus VR a bit earlier in the week when Randy Pitchford called in. The dashboard looks a little bit sparse and I think you can help us out with that. Until 5:30 PM PST we are running an art challenge to create a Sticker that will go somewhere on the dash of the VR bus.

There’s going to be room for 5 Stickers so here’s what we need from you. Please submit your idea for a sticker as a file at a maximum of 1024×1024 in a hi-res JPG, PNG, or Vector file. Keep the designs clean and copyright free! We will select 9 finalists who will then be entered into a donation drive to pick the top 5.

Send all entries to [email protected] with the subject line “DBVR Sticker Challenge” and include the name you’d like to be used if you are selected.



November 17, 2017 7:00 pm
Posted by: Jordan

ButtstallionRandy Pitchford from Gearbox called in a bit earlier and we did a pretty BIG donation drive for them.

That wasn’t our only Gearbox, Box of Gear.

This Gearbox Loot Pack contains a BUNCH OF STUFF but chief among them would be the SIGNED BUTT STALLION STATUE, the most glorious of Queens. (oh and a REMOTE CONTROLLED CL4P-TRP!!!!!)

Any donations of $7.29 or multiples thereof until 8 PM PST will enter you for a chance to take home this big ol’ box of loot!


November 17, 2017 4:02 pm
Posted by: John

gearboxWe are excited to have Gearbox Software as a sponsor for Desert Bus 2017!

Gearbox Software is an award-winning game developer that has distinguished itself as one of the most respected and recognized independent video game makers in the world. With titles like the always-awesome Borderlands franchise and Brothers in Arms series (among others), Gearbox Software focuses on bringing fun and excitement into the lives of gamers. Since their inception in 1999, they have created content across genres, subject matters and platforms.

Thank you to everyone at Gearbox Software for your generous support of Desert Bus 2017!

November 17, 2017 3:16 pm
Posted by: Jordan

You’ve got the touch, you’ve got the powaaaaaahhhhhhhh….to release Desert Bus VR whenever YOU want. Gearbox software has completed a VR version of Desert Bus (that you’ve been able to see James and Matt play on stream) and the only thing left to do is figure out a release date.

That’s where you come in.

Any donations of $6.90 or multiples thereof for the next 45 minutes until 4 PM PST will give you a chance to be the one to release Desert Bus VR. That could be today, that could be a week from now, it could be six months from now (It’s gotta be before May 31st 2018).

That’s not the biggest thing though. You will get access to the game immediately, with the ability to give keys to as many people as you want. Your name will be on the STEAM page for the game as the person credited with releasing the game. Your handle will also be the default user name for the driver.

November 16, 2015 4:30 pm
Posted by: Jordan

Mikey-NeumannMikey Neumann will be calling into Desert Bus at 6:30PM PST on Monday, November 16. 

Having been a part of the games industry since the age of nineteen, Mikey is perhaps best known for his work at Gearbox Software where he acts as the Chief Creative Champion. His most notable work with the studio is no doubt the critically and commercially successful titles in the Borderlands series. When not lending his creative talent to the world he can be heard voicing the (slightly) crazy mechanic Scooter.

Aside from this work at Gearbox, Mikey keeps extremely busy with a variety of personal projects. He is one half of the Chainsawsuit Original team alongside Kris Straub and his popular YouTube series Movies with Mikey continues to provide insightful yet comedic commentary on popular films.

In his most recent project, TV Crimes, Mikey watches awful TV so you don’t have to. Joined by actor and entertainer Wil Wheaton, they enjoy the worst that TV has to offer.

Have a question for Mikey? Leave it in the comments below!