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November 16, 2015 4:30 pm
Posted by: Jordan

Mikey-NeumannMikey Neumann will be calling into Desert Bus at 6:30PM PST on Monday, November 16. 

Having been a part of the games industry since the age of nineteen, Mikey is perhaps best known for his work at Gearbox Software where he acts as the Chief Creative Champion. His most notable work with the studio is no doubt the critically and commercially successful titles in the Borderlands series. When not lending his creative talent to the world he can be heard voicing the (slightly) crazy mechanic Scooter.

Aside from this work at Gearbox, Mikey keeps extremely busy with a variety of personal projects. He is one half of the Chainsawsuit Original team alongside Kris Straub and his popular YouTube series Movies with Mikey continues to provide insightful yet comedic commentary on popular films.

In his most recent project, TV Crimes, Mikey watches awful TV so you don’t have to. Joined by actor and entertainer Wil Wheaton, they enjoy the worst that TV has to offer.

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November 18, 2014 9:00 am
Posted by: Heather

Kris-Straub-640Kris Straub will be calling into Desert Bus at 11am PST on Tuesday, November 18th.

Kris is a writer, web cartoonist, and a podcaster. He is the creator of chainsawsuit, Checkerboard Nightmare, Starslip, F Cords, and BroodHollow. Kris is the co-founder of the wecomics collectives Blank Label Checkerboard Nightmare Comics and Halfpixel.

In 2006, Kris became the co-writer and co-producer of PvP: The Series, alongside Scott Kurtz. From there, he and Scott went on to create Blamimation, Kris and Scott’s Scott and Kris Show, and Mappy: The Beat.

He also hosts chainsawsuit the podcast with Mikey Neumann. And is the creator of the awesome creepypasta Candle Cove, which if you’re into spooky stuff you should check out.

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