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November 16, 2016 8:43 am
Posted by: Mike


Nostradamus. Jeane Dixon. Gary Spivey. Well, add DBX to that list of famous clairvoyants, because we’ve been basically shooting the lights out with our sports picks this week!

On Sunday we made some NFL predictions, which were almost statistically impossibly good. Yesterday we let it ride and had a go at some NHL games, and guess what folks, if you can even believe it we must have ESPN because once again we were scary accurate! Check it out!!

Matchup Our prediction in bold ✅ Green for we were right ❌ or red if we were wrong


  • Senators v Flyers Senators legislate themselves a victory ✅  SPQR 4 ever! Sens win 3-2 SO
  • Capitals v Blue Jackets Capitals punish Blue Jackets ❌ De-capitalized! Caps lose 2-1 OT
  • Sharks v Hurricanes Sharks Triumph in classic Sharknado Derby matchup ❌ Storm warning! Sharks lose 1-0
  • Panthers v Canadiens Habs give Panthers a French lesson: Today’s word “perdre” ❌ Tant pis! Canadiens lose 4-3 OT
  • Predators v Maple Leafs Preds chow down on irregular pluralization ❌ Chipped a tusk! Predators lose 6-2
  • Lightning v Red Wings Electric type super effective against Flying type ✅ THUNDERSTRUCK! Lightning win 4-3
  • Blackhawks v Jets When you’re a Jet you’re a Jet all the way ✅ Take my breath awaaayyy! Jets win 4-0
  • Sabres v Blues Sabres rattle St. Louis St. Louis feeling pretty arch. Sabres lose 4-1
  • Flames v Wild Wild get lit up like the Great Sept of Baelor Burn baby burn! Flames win 1-0
  • Devils v Stars [A photoshop of the Holy Diver album cover but Patrick Sharp instead of the priest] Devils win 2-1 OT
  • Kings v Avalanche “Well, the landslide brought me down” –what the Kings will say after this See my reflection in the snow-covered hills! Avs win 4-1
  • Oilers v Ducks Peak Oil Oil spill. Oilers lose 4-1 
  • Rangers v Canucks Rangers run riot over Canucks ✅ Canucks quest for the No. 1 draft pick continues! Rangers win 7-2