November 15, 2016, 6:35 am
Posted by: Mike
On Sunday we made some NFL picks, based only on the team names.

How did we do? Here’s a recap of the results from Sunday and Monday!
Talk to the hand, SD!

  • Chiefs v Panthers Panthers scratch out a 3-point win ❌ De-clawed. Chiefs won by 3
  • Broncos v Saints Saints march to victory by 6 ❌ Desanctified. Broncos won by 2.
  • Rams v Jets Jets soar to a 20 point win ❌ Grounded. Rams won by 3.
  • Packers v Titans The only Ten-I-see is Titans winning by 10 ✅ Tennesseein’ is Tennebelievin! Titans won by 22.
  • Falcons v Eagles Eagles win the battle of the birds of prey by 14 Flying high now! Eagles won by 9.
  • Vikings v Washington Vikings maraud to a 9-point win Like helmet horns, historically unfounded. Washington won by 6.
  • Texans v Jaguars Texans win a close one by 1  Don’t mess with Texas! Won by 3.
  • Bears v Buccaneers Bears maul Bucs by 14 Buc’d the trend. Buccaneers won by 26.
  • Dolphins v Chargers Dolphins flip an 8-point victory Party in the city where the heat is on! Dolphins win by 7.
  • 49ers v Cardinals Niners by 9 Missed the gold rush. Cards won by 3.
  • Cowboys v Steelers Stillers win a couch-burner by 4 ❌ There are couches aflame in Steel City. Cowboys won by 5.
  • Seahawks v Patriots Seahawks see victory by 6 ✅ Get in the mosh pit! Seattle won by 7. 
  • Bengals v Giants Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals? The Giants will, by 12 Giants towered over competition by 1

6-for-13 baby! Trust the process!!!!

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