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November 22, 2017 10:56 am
Posted by: John

This vibrant Persona 5 resin painting would look stylish on any phantom thief’s walls or could be used as a gift to rank up with any of your confidants. Painted with multiple layers of coloured transparent resin, the closer you look into this painting the more complexity you see. With this painting of the Phantom Thieves’ fearless leader you’ll be ready to steal any heart!

Donate $5.99 or multiples thereof before 11:55am PST for your chance to win!

Click here for more details on this awesome prize!


November 18, 2017 3:39 am
Posted by: Ash
Want a chance to win this awesome lot? Donate $9.00 before 5:00am (PST) and you will be entered into the draw! Remember, you can donate in multiples of $9.00 to get multiple entries!

Enjoy the wonderful world of D & D with this fun lot that includes:

A copy of Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate
A copy of Tomb of Annihilation and
A Tomb of Annihilation dice set

Generously donated by ENGAGE Mox Boarding House


July 21, 2016 1:02 pm
Posted by: Kara

The Cards Against Desert Bus prize will be DSCN0733making a return for DBX!

This custom Desert Bus themed Cards Against Humanity set will be back, only bigger, better, and QWOPier than ever. As before, all of the cards have been crowd sourced from the amazing Desert Bus community.

Did you see something in Desert Bus 9 that would be a perfect card? Was your favourite Desert Bus reference not already included? Well you’re in luck! Submissions are now open for this year’s set. Head on down to in order to submit your ideas for the newest version of Cards Against Desert Bus.

Submissions will be open until 12pm PDT on July 31st.

And remember, you may not be able to see him, but his name is _________.

November 10, 2014 5:00 pm
Posted by: Kara

Chocolate Geek Treats

Donated by Cakes Cove

chocolate falcon

Get ready to sink your teeth into something truly delicious this Desert Bus! Cakes Cove has sent a treasure trove of goodies, from Doctor Who and Star Wars pig sweeteners to mouthwatering boxes of Space Invaders chocolates and an incredibly detailed, absolutely gorgeous white chocolate Millennium Falcon. These goodies will all be up for grabs in just a few days, so tune in to win them!

We even sampled a few to make sure they were good enough for our esteemed viewers. Quality control and all that. They were delicious. We’ll try very hard not to eat them all…

Cakes Cove is a Toronto based company that puts its efforts into, as their tagline goes, “making every genre delicious.” They especially like to yummy up cakes, cookies and other confections with geek themes and imagery.



















November 18, 2013 12:33 pm
Posted by: Mike

Do you fancy a chance at winning a limited edition From the Vault: Dragons Magic: The Gathering foil card set, featuring 15 legendary dragons in beautiful chromatic foil? Well then make a donation of $5.23, or a (positive integer) multiple thereof in the next 27 minutes for a chance to win!


November 18, 2013 9:25 am
Posted by: Mike

Thanks to everyone who contributed art for our packing tape hero contest. We had loads of great entries, but the prize, a copy of Plants vs. Zombies Risk, went to Alexandra Craven, for this masterpiece:

Wrap Star by AlexandraCraven


Way to go Alexandra, enjoy Plants vs. Zombies Risk! See the rest of the cool entries in our gallery below the cut.


November 16, 2013 7:46 pm
Posted by: Mike

Our Highwayman and Roundabout contest has a winner! K V1NN4 was in the fast line, blazing past six other finalists, and is the winner of Inkwell Looter’s Sleigh of the Wicked artwork.



Congratulations K V1NN4! A gallery of the other finalists’ entries can be seen after the break.