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November 15, 2018 3:26 pm
Posted by: Nina


Our latest donation drive is a very special Take This ‘Limited Edition’ Prize Pack, which contains all our most prized items! Two limited edition pins that you can only get at conventions we have attended: A Psychchomancer Pin designed by Mike ‘Gabe’ Krahulik from Penny Arcade (only about 250 remain)! and a Castle Shield Pin designed by Nick Trujillo. A special ambrosia maple with a turquoise inlay Hope Shield made by Wyrmwood Gaming – There were only 100 of these shields made as part of our 2017 Kickstarter campaign.


PLEASE NOTE: 50% of proceeds go to Child’s Play, and 50% go to Take This, a mental health nonprofit serving the game community/industry that provides resources, guidelines and training about mental health issues in the game community, thus reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Please donate $6.17, or multiples thereof ($6.17, $12.34, etc.) until 4:30PM PST for the chance to win and support two great causes!

November 19, 2017 7:52 pm
Posted by: John

Nothing better than a piece of Valve art to keep you warm on a cold winter night! Featuring the hazard signs from the Portal Test Chamber door, this blanket was crocheted specially for you.

Donate $7.17 or multiples thereof before 8:40pm PST to be entered into a draw to win this super cool blanket. :)


To see more photos of this awesome prize, click here

November 20, 2015 7:32 pm
Posted by: Jordan

We have a surprise call-in with Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity. We are runningDonation Drive for an Advanced Copy of the new card game Secret Hitler. The winner will be the ONLY person in public with a copy of the game. 

Also a copy of every Cards Against Humanity card ever printed. That’s right, every single card. Anything ever printed by Cards Against Humanity, including the Reject Packs which are not available to the public. Every holiday bullshit card, and every single holiday bullshit gift. The box will also be signed by Max Temkin.

Let’s add in a copy of Slap .45, Max’s other new game.

This donation drive will be for easy donations of $14.99 or multiples thereof until 8:15 PM PST

Oh, and we’re going to be drawing Three Separate Winners for this. 

November 16, 2015 10:05 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0178_01_AllianceCruiser.We have a very fitting giveaway to coincide with our call-in of Jennifer Hale. This Bronze Alliance Cruiser is going to be run as a Donation Drive! This is one of only 350 that were produced as an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con. In addition the base of the model has been signed by Keith David, voice actor of the character Admiral Anderson.

We’re going to be running this as a drive for $11.07 (because N7 day of course!) or multiples thereof. We will be running this for 35 minutes, until 10:40 PM PST.


November 14, 2015 5:20 pm
Posted by: Jordan


Do I have your attention now? That’s right, we are doing a Donation Drive for the rarest of the rare, The Kickstarter Exclusive DLC Pinny Arcade Pin. This is the absolute most difficult pin to obtain. This pin can be yours for donations of $13.37 or multiples thereof for the next 35 minutes. We are running this drive until 5:55 PM PST. Get your donations in quick!