November 15, 2021, 12:17 am
Posted by: Soraya

Our journey through the stars continues, even though today we were beset by an Invasion of the Q. As if the Chat Continuum weren’t enough lovable chaos! The crew has begun to act… oddly.

Ian somersaults onto the screen from the right side, then takes a seat on the couch. Andrew is wearing a Q costume: flowing black and red robes with a hat shaped like a mortarboard.

Opening Credits!

Despite these irregularities, we were able to raise the Grand Nagus on Comms to introduce our new silent auctions.

In true Starfleet fashion, we chose to maintain our neutrality in the Kindness War.

We had a very artistically fulfilling evening, beginning with Lt. Cori reciting her favorite poem!

The crew also rejoiced when we received a new Holodeck program from The Garages, which we immediately activated to view their performance. The Chat Continuum expressed their approval of this performance by helping The Garages hit #1 on Bandcamp!

We’re positively spoiled for good music on this ship. Max played their fiddle for us again – and broke the mic again. Their power is over 9000!

Ensign Ben also provided us with a broad artistic review of Thwomps over Time. It was a most edifying lecture.

We also found out where our lost crewmate, the King of Spades, has gone through an art contest! It seems he’s been spotted all over the galaxy, so we assembled a document of notable sightings.

And then this happened.

Ian stands holding a box with his face on it, and an open mouth. The Ianhole. A purplish ball of sticky slime flies from off-screen and adheres to Ianhole's left ear.

We made slimes and then threw them at things. Like Ian’s face! For the record, the crew of the USS Tucson is 99.9% certain that no changelings were harmed in the yeeting of these slimes.

We’ll see where our adventures take us tomorrow!

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