November 18, 2017, 10:02 am
Posted by: Kelly

Driving: Saturday, Nov 18th 10am – 10pm

Matt Wiggins

Years busing?: Yes
Points: 3
Crashes: 7
Since Desert Bus 10, Matt has been training long and hard, honing mind and body to the peak of human endurance. Now harder, faster, and stronger, he is prepared to tackle his biggest challenge to date – a five day trip to Disneyland.

After which he’ll show up to Desert Bus… Probably.

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Kate Watt

Years busing?: Sooo many. 7 or 8. Never well
Points: 1
Crashes: 7

I am the chat’s mom. I provided the petri dish it all began in many years ago. I am Billzmom Plane Walker, Matron of Giants and I tell great stories. I’ve been practicing by driving the actual highway thru Tucson. ..only last week




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