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November 14, 2018 5:53 pm
Posted by: Nina

Generously donated by EA, this EA Lot contains a copy of Battlefield 4 for PS4, a copy of NHL 19 for PS4 (marked “not for resale EA experience”), and a copy of NHL 19 for Xbox One (marked “not for resale EA experience”).

If you are interested in winning these games, please donate $5.19, or multiples thereof ($5.19, $10.38, etc.) until 6PM PST!

November 16, 2014 10:34 am
Posted by: Jordan

Kara has decided upon a submission contest for her first giveaway and I am LOVING this theme. Up on the prize block is the PS4 Family Game Pack which includes The Lego Movie, Lego The Hobbit, Just Dance 2014 and Rayman Legends all for PS4. Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to create a 50 word (I WILL HAVE A WORD COUNTER!) short story in which:

Rayman, Bilbo Baggins, and a Lego Fig are going/at the all ages club, and they are trying to Just Dance!

Please send all submission to [email protected] with the subject line Dance Story. Please include what name you would like to be credited with in the e-mail body. This contest will run until Noon PST (12:00 PM)!