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November 20, 2015 1:41 am
Posted by: Tim

During Graham’s shift, we challenged the community to remix audio from the Krog series into musical tracks. Here’s the winning submission, from FinalLap:

After the jump, we’ve included links to other submissions from our community:


November 19, 2015 7:41 pm
Posted by: Jordan

Krogcore, Krogstep, Krogrock, whatever you want to call it is your decision, but what we’re looking for is audio remixes of the “Krog videos“. What that means is we want to see audio from any of the Krog videos and remix them into musical tracks. 0060_01_Angler Fish_01

Doesn’t matter what video, doesn’t matter what style. We just need what you think remixed music of the LRR Cavemen would sound like. We are going to run this challenge until Midnight PST. The winner will receive this Anglerfish Plush and remember the fear we all experienced in Desert Bus 8.

Please send all entries to [email protected] with the subject line Krogmix. Please include a link to a Youtube/Soundcloud link. Please also include a public name you’d like to be used if you are selected.