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November 19, 2017 10:30 am
Posted by: Az

It’s past 10am on a NEEEEWWW DAAAY! So you know what that means…

To begin this day 3 of Desert Bus, why not check out some amazing Silent Auctions?
All of these end at 6:00pm PST.

To start, we’ve got a Paper Craft Kirby Shadowbox!

The shadowbox features several small cave scenes, showcasing Kirby and some of his many lovable partners seen in the game, as well as sparkles and treasure galore! Look at all that beautiful detail!

This auction is currently going for just over $250, but you’ve got lots of time to get that up there!

Next up we’ve got a wonderfully detailed yarn work Desert Bus on a plastic frame.

Made entirely from plastic canvas and yarn, it’s the little details that put it over the top:
-real plastic windows
-“Desert Bus” destination sign
-Loading Ready Run logo on the roof
-Desert Bus for Hope logo on the back
-and, of course, a tree air freshener hanging in the front windshield

This is going for over $1000 already!

And last we have another yarny wonder, a Dr. Mario Cross-Stitch.

A painstakingly detailed replica of the front cover of Dr. Mario’s first big portable adventure on the Game Boy.

This lot is going for just over $500.

November 18, 2015 8:48 pm
Posted by: Jordan

0074_01_Gustafsson_TheFountainOfDreams_001This beautiful painting titled The Fountain of Dreams from artist Nicole Gustafson is up next on our giveaway spree.

We will be running this Donation Drive until 9:50 PM PST. Any donations of $6.05 or multiples thereof will enter you for a chance at this beautiful Kirby Painting.