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November 14, 2018 6:23 am
Posted by: Matthews

Asleep? At work? Away from keyboard for some other reason? Here’s what you missed during Zeta shift!

We start our night with a nice, calm game of “Hot or Not” with NHL mascots.

Liz crashed the bus. But to be fair, it was comms fault… (Sorry Liz!)

We take some time away from the hijinks to remember why we are really here. Yes, we are doing ridiculous things on stream, but at the end of the day, it really is all for the children. We’re here, putting aside our pride, for them.

And then we pick things back up, get silly, and EXPERIENCE BEEJ.

And to further prove how supportive Zeta really is, we combine our power to become a table.

Who knows what you have to look forward to on Dawn Guard?? Well, probably James, actually.


Remember, for the latest updates, stay tuned to You can also catch up on the latest #DB2018 happenings around the web…

November 12, 2018 1:34 am
Posted by: Matthews

You are running out of time on our current silent auctions! There is about half an hour left on two excellent craft-along prizes!

First up, we have the Desert Bus for Hope Champions Belt. Do you want to earn the Driverweight Championship Belt worn by the 2017 Autumnal Rumble champions? Hand-knitted from machine-washable acrylic and polyester, this belt fits a 36-inch waist and will make a winning addition to your trophy case OR your plushie shelf!

Current high bid is $500.00

Current high bid is $500.00


Second, there is the Mark1 Tiny Diving Helmet. The Mark1 Tiny Diving Helmet is manufactured as a limited run prototype specifically designed to fit the inter-dimensional being Pepe from World of Warcraft! It also features 6 lighting modes (selected using the pressure valve button) and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This will allow your orange friend to adventure deep within the briny depths where he can commune with the fish – the fish who know much.

Current high bid is $540.00

Current high bid is $540.00

You are running out of time, so snipers take your shots!

November 22, 2017 10:05 pm
Posted by: Kelly

Wednesday, Nov 22nd 10 pm – 10 am

James Turner

Driving since: 2007

Points: 25

Crashes: 10

6’ Tall, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. Attractive, but only in the eyes of those who love me. I have a scar on my right hand from playing with a SIM tool remover and one on my left leg from a trampoline accident in 1995. This one time I saw a bear.

James on Twitter

Ashley Turnerashley_lg

How many times have you driven the bus?: 3, this will be 4

Points: 0

Crashes: 3

Hi! I’m Ashley; during the not Desert Bus times of year, I work as a paralegal for the Province of British Columbia. My interests are my fur baby Jade (aka Tiny Jerk), bugging James as much as possible and Ironman. Prep your voices, Africa is coming!

Ashley on TwitterAshley and Jade (aka Tiny Jerk) on Instagram

May 2, 2011 2:13 pm
Posted by: tally

Last week we announced that Desert Bus 5 will begin on November 18, 2011, and we know that many of you are already on the edge of your seats, wondering how you can get involved in the madness, like, right now. You’re in luck! For the creative, the artsy and craftsy, the make-nerdy-stuff-at-home inclined, we have a way for you to get involved right away, a full six months before the busing begins. You can participate in the Desert Bus 5 Craft-Along!

How? Allow us to demonstrate.

1) Read this ENTIRE post. Then email Tally at [email protected] to explain your craft idea and get her official approval.This is important so that we know what kind of items we’re expecting and can avoid too many of the same kinds of things. We also need to make sure that the idea fits within the guidelines of the Craft-Along which are (see below):

  • Items should be somehow centered around the themes of Desert Bus, video games, general geekery or Loading Ready Run, so they’ll be of interest to our viewers. That’s a huge pool to draw ideas from.
  • Items should be generally family friendly. They don’t all have to be appropriate for kids or anything, but no homemade Mario dildos, please.
  • Items should be of the best quality you can make them. We want your work, but we want your best work, in order to bring in the best donations for the children.
  • We will not be accepting portraits of the LRR crew this year. We’ve had a few of these (some very good ones, we must say) over the past years, and while we do love staring at ourselves for long hours in the mirror, we’re a little dubious that there are a ton of people out there who really really want our faces staring down at them from their living room walls. And if there are a ton of people out there who want this… we don’t really want to know about it.

2) Once you have received approval, make your item.

Probably best not to let your friends play with it, though.

3) Package your item carefully in an envelope or box, and then put it in a second envelope or box, to which you will affix the appropriate mailing information and postage. Please DO NOT SEAL the first (inner) box or envelope.
We’ll do that later, after we take pictures and coo over your awesome item, and before we mail it to its new owner.

This step is so that when we get your item we don’t have to hunt around for packaging materials. We pull it out of the first box, and use the second box to mail your item to its lucky auction winner. Efficiency!

4) Email Tally again ([email protected]) to inform her that your item is finished and to get the appropriate mailing address. Be sure to fill out the very important Crafter’s Form that Tally will also send you at this point. Then send it back to her.

We actually prefer that you email your answers back, even though paper airplanes are wicked awesome.

An important note: Please email Tally when your item is completed even if you already have the Moonbase’s mailing address. We’d like to be able to keep track of what mail we’re expecting and what items have, in fact, been completed. Also, we’ll need to send you that form.

5) Mail your item.

6) When November 2011 rolls around, tune in to the madness of Desert Bus 5…

7) … and die of shock* when your Craft-Along item auctions for more money than you paid for your car.**

*This is the one and only step we’d actually rather you didn’t follow.
**This is actually possible. Not necessarily likely, but possible.

8 ) The deadline for us to receive Craft-Along items is OCTOBER 15, 2011.
That’s the date by which they must have ARRIVED at Desert Bus headquarters. If your item isn’t here by that date, it risks being excluded from the Craft-Along. Late items are also guaranteed to cause Tally and Kathleen extra stress and possibly anger, and nobody wants that. (No, nobody does. Trust us.)

A quick recap of very important points:

  • Please do not begin crafting your item until you have communicated with Tally about it and gained her approval.
  • Remember to double package your item. This helps us out immeasurably.
  • When mailing your item, DO NOT list its value on the customs form as any higher than $60 CDN.
  • Remember to fill out the Crafter’s Form that Tally will email to you and email it back asap.
  • Mail your item early enough that it will arrive by October 15, 2011.

9) Have fun and get crafting!