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November 6, 2014 5:00 pm
Posted by: Kara

DB7 Hardcover Photo Book

Donated by Andrew Ferguson

DB7 book

The ultimate in Desert Bus memorabilia, this book is a professionally printed, full colour, hardcover treasure trove of Desert Bus 7 photos taken by official Desert Bus photographer Andrew Ferguson. Flip through the pages and re-visit Cam’s epic trip to the Gay Bar, Steve and Tally’s Star Trek-style shootout, Al Jazeera’s participation in internet silliness and a whole lot of dance breaks.

This book is one of only three hardcover copies that will ever be printed. It will look stunning on your coffee table or shelf, and provide a great opportunity to tell all your friends and houseguests about Desert Bus. With visuals!

Andrew Ferguson is the officially official photographer of Desert Bus for Hope, tirelessly documenting all the craziness, hilarity and feels that occur each year. During all those other weeks when Desert Bus isn’t happening, Andrew also does photography at conventions, concerts and other events, as well as portrait work. You can see examples of his other photoshoots on his website,