November 16, 2021, 12:37 am
Posted by: Matthews

roxley lot

The scientists at Roxley Games have been working on some new inventions for your board game library. This prize pack of creations from Roxley Games features one of their latest releases: Steampunk Rally Fusion.

Steampunk Rally Fusion, Roxley’s standalone follow-up to the original Steampunk Rally, is a (literal) engine builder board game. You’ll draft engine parts and boosts to attach to your racing machine, in a race to be the inventor that goes the furthest by the end of the game. This Deluxe Atomic edition includes metal cogs, a vac tray, as well as all the content from the original Steampunk Rally all in one box.

Not enough? Turbo-charge your racing with the Steampunk Rally Fusion Promo Pack, which adds 10 additional racers and 2 spoiler machine parts to the fray.

To top all that off, Roxley is also throwing in a deck of the beautifully designed Iron Spades playing cards and comfy purple Roxley Jersey, so you can show up at your next board game night ready to play. Ready… set… build!

This prize lot contains the following items:

1x Steampunk Rally Fusion – Deluxe Atomic edition
1x Steampunk Rally Fusion Promo Pack 2020
1x Roxley Jersey (Purple/XL)
1x Iron Spades

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