November 14, 2021, 11:12 pm
Posted by: Soraya

We hoped this art contest would reveal the King of Spades’ location so we could track him down and find him but… at this rate, we think he’s having so much fun that we’ll just leave him alone. He’ll come back when he’s ready. If he’s ready?

Anyway, here are the results of tonight’s Night Watch Art Contest!

Winner: Briar

In a reference to a classic painting of Napoleon on his horse, the King of spades is riding a horse. His human face has been replaced by the card. The horse has a human hand for a face, as well as hands for all four of its hooves. It's standing on a barren landscape in front of a smooth white humanoid face that is featureless except for the relaxed mouth.

Well, we’re horrified now. Thanks Briar and we hope you enjoy the shirt you won at the cost of our collective sense of safety!

Honorable Mentions

The Honorable Mentions are plentiful (and even include a song), since you all are so clever and talented! Thanks to everyone who sent an entry in for this contest. We loved all your King of Spades art and all the forms it took!

Honorable Mention: Rosie

Click here for Song by Rosie about the King of Spades


Honorable Mention: Jaqspur

This two-frame comic features the telepresence robot. The robot pulls the TV off their head to reveal that they have been the King of Spades all along!


Honorable Mention: Erika Cheshire — “He’s putting together a crew of his people to wage war on the Tuscon!”

A notepad with a pencil drawing of a group of people clustered at a table. Their postures exactly mimic "Khan's Crew" from Star Trek, but they are the people from various face cards, such as the Queen of Diamonds. The King of Spades sits in the central spot of honor.


Honorable Mention: quietcat

A parody of "Dogs Playing Poker." Instead it's the King of Spades with assorted Desert Bus favorites like Bartleby. The keys to the Moonbase are on the table as a wager. Under the table, barely visible, is creepy doll.

Honorable Mention: toxicgraveyards

The King of Spades drawn in the style of The Little Prince. He stands on top of his planet and reads a book labeled "The Way Home."

Honorable Mention: Maddie C

An embroidery circle with the King of Spades stitched onto its centers. The stitching is only half complete, and below the halfway mark it is replaced by a physical "King of Spades" card.


Honorable Mention: Joel R. Fry – “he’s drinking mimosas of course!”

A drawing of the King of Spades card with a mimosa in his hands. The upside-down version of the king is having trouble though, as the mimosa is spilling out of his upside-down cup.,


Honorable Mention: Tower Slayer

A pixelized image a plane flying above the mountains in a starry night sky. The plane has a Queen of Hearts emblem on its nose, and the pilot is the King of Spades.


Honorable Mention: Voren_Chalco

A photograph of a LEGO king. He has just stepped out of a white card and now stands facing a Balrog.

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