November 13, 2020, 11:38 am
Posted by: Kolin Toney

49060901528_e386bbc986_kWith Desert Bus for Hope being all virtual this year, photographing all the behind the scenes and happenings of Desert Bus is more of a challenge than usual.

Since Desert Bus is coming from home, we all have our own behind-the-scenes to show off this year! Photo submissions are now open at!

We want to see your Desert Bus for Hope 2020 experience! Show us your watching setup, your collection of Desert Bus swag or prizes, or anything DB2020 related! Get creative with it; there’s no limitations. Get as weird as ZETA or as organized as Alpha Flight! It’s completely up to you, go as HAM as Night Watch! …and Dawn Guard? (They’re cool, too)

If selected, your photo could be used not only on the Official Desert Bus Photo Feed at, but it could be featured in the Desert Bus 2020 photo book, if a photo book is made.

So, grab your camera, grab your phone, grab your camera phone!

Make sure everything’s in focus.

Hold steady


Once your photo is ready, snap on over to to submit it!


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