November 14, 2016, 10:00 pm
Posted by: Kara

Ashton Cummings & Jamie Dillion

Driving: Monday, Nov 14 10pm – Tuesday, Nov 15 10am

Ashton Cummings

Driving since: 2012
Points: 4
Crashes: 1

Birthed from a series of tubes and forged in the crucible of chat rooms and comment sections, he left behind the School of Internet Wizardry to fortify the Desert Bus and embolden its allies.

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

His first memory of Desert Bus:
Bringing a vegetable platter to many sleep-deprived people at Desert Bus 1.

Favourite DB gif:


Jamie Dillion

Driving since: 2015
Points: 0
Crashes: 2

Hi! I’m Jamie Dillion; I’m a consultant and streamer, in my second year of driving the Desert Bus! I love video games, naps, and snacks. I’m a bit clumsy and a crybaby sometimes… but, I’m actually an agent of love and justice, Pretty Guardian Sailor Jam! In the name of the Moon, I’ll stay up all night driving a bus; dancing, singing, goofing, and raising money for the kids!

It’s Desert Bus’ 10th year:

Her first memory of Desert Bus:
Chaos, singing, hats, and being warned not to have brick feet on the stairs or I’ll get a shame ticket. I don’t have a very good memory.

Favourite DB gif:

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