November 15, 2014, 11:54 pm
Posted by: Mia

Howdy, lovers and fighters! We’ve got silent auctions ending in about two hours, so here’s an update for those who may not be in the know:

Teddie Uppercut Print

This print of Persona 4’s punny comic relief will fight for a place on your mantle and in your heart. Seriously, it’s adorable—check it out!



Epic Fox Hat

With this stylish cap, you will be the one who decides what the fox says. Knitted by Tania Richter, it’s fashionable and functional and sure to keep you warm all winter.



Desert Bus Dice Dragons

Holy mother of bus, these guys are adorable. These miniature dice dragons are made in the Desert Bus colors and will be the perfect companions during your next D&D campaign. With them, you’ll have the confidence and good luck to pass all your checks and go critical on every hit you make. They’re so cute you’ll be unstoppable!




Signed Matrix Script

This is a big ticket item, folks. The fine folks at MomoCon donated this copy of the Matrix script used at a reading by Dante Basco, Maurice Lamarche, Tress Macneile, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Randy Rogel. If you caught their hilarious rendition of everyone’s favourite bullet-time movie, you’ll want this signed script!


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