November 15, 2014, 6:07 am
Posted by: Mia

For the next 30 minutes, put on your poetry caps! Beej hates poetry, so make him like it by writing him a limerick, a haiku, an e.e. cummings style typographical masterpiece, or whatever else strikes your fancy. What will you win if you convince him? Why, just his Lenticular Gif! Beej’s gif is, of course, his classic ‘Beej Has Twerk In the Morning’; if you want to own this in physical form for the rest of your days, get to poetry and send your submissions to [email protected]!

2 Comments on “Beej’s Lenticular Poetry Contest!”

  1. A few words.

    If I could, borrow your ear, just for a blink,
    Then I should tell you about the things you think.
    Benjamin, oh I would, talk to you in person but.
    It is sadly Understood that you are a desert away,
    But for the the greater good, if you donate your time, to me

    Then, perhaps,

    I am sorry, perhaps the controller twists my lips
    If only I could get through with just my fingertips

    Bugsplats are like comma’s
    Points another verse,
    hours through the desert heat, is just another plot to feed.
    It’s not so different You and I,
    Play or write,
    Help those in need?

    Orange stripes, for courage,
    One more lines hope,
    A dollar for the sick.

    By jumpingupanddown - November 15th, 2014 6:21 am
  2. It’s stumbling on the memory of something I said. It’s staring into my own eyes as i contemplate putting out the light in them. It’s straightening my tie as I remember how sloppily my father dressed when I was young. How he pretends to be successful now. It’s the sound of my mom screaming mixed with the tune of a pokemon game. The sound of my sisters whining tone when she says she doesn’t care. The sound of silence, the roar of thought, the ever present tic tok I fell asleep to as a kid. I’d run to the living room and steal the clock, put it under my pillow. The only way I fell asleep. Tic tok tic, the tune makes me sick. Tok tic tok, the birds they flock… The anger I feel at feeling nothing, it’s the sadness I feel at feeling mad, the insanity induced by the endless black I see inside. I’m leaking, I’m bleeding, I’m empty yet pouring out.

    By Derpoet - November 15th, 2014 6:33 am
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