November 14, 2014, 10:00 am
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James Turner

Driving: Friday, Nov 14 10am – 10pm

Driving since: 2007

Points: 25(!)

Crashes: 6

When not at Desert Bus, he can be found:
As the 6th most important member of LoadingReadyRun, James can be found honing his trombone tossing skills every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on

He also plays video games, installs window coverings and makes internet funny videos with his friends.

Special Skills:
My ability to drive the bus and not crash while partaking in any challenge, wether it be of the mind or body, is unmatched. I’ll sing (poorly) dance (with no sense of rhythm) and act (you’ve seen me act, it’s not good) while driving, and driving well.

He’s a total geek for:
I like Magic the Gathering. Playing MtG, Watching MtG, Reading about MtG, Streaming MtG, Talking about MtG, Going to MtG Events.

I like Magic.

Magic Magic Magic.

Claim to Fame:
With 99.9% certainty, I can say that I’ve played Desert Bus more than any other human being on earth.

Biggest fear about driving for DB8:
I no longer fear the Bus, the Bus fears me.

If he was reincarnated as a fruit or vegetable he would want to be:
Durian as it has a built in defence mechanism.

Favourite Cheese:

Doesn’t want you to know he listens to:
Taylor Swift

His “moves like Jagger” are more like:
Sad White Guy

To prepare for driving the bus he is:
Tossing trombones, jamming out to 1989, building my next MtG Commander deck all while slamming back the biggest brick of Blue Cheese you ever did see.

What symbol does your superhero cape have on it?

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2 Comments on “Driver Profile: James”

  1. Trombone Toss is awesome.

    By ecocd - November 14th, 2014 10:03 am
  2. Just wanted to point out that Jagger moves like a sad white guy. Seriously. Nobody notices, though, because he IS Mick Jagger.

    By johnnywhitebread - November 14th, 2014 10:33 am
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