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November 9, 2015 5:30 pm
Posted by: Kara

Minecraft Collaboration Lot

Introducing collaborative lots! These prize lots are a wonderful collection of items donated by various crafters and sponsors, each one with a particular theme. For our final prize teaser, we present the Minecraft lot… read on for all the juicy and blocky details.

It’s all well and good to decorate your Minecraft home with delightful worldly goods, but what about decorating your real-world home with delightful Minecraft goods? This lot is full of fantastic Minecraft pieces to put in your home, as well as books full of gameplay tips and tidbits. The lot contains:

Handpainted Minecraft buttons

Created & donated by Tina Bongorno

Who needs more Minecraft merch in their lives? YOU do! These are handpainted wooden Minecraft pins that you can place on your favorite fabric object to show off how super cool and in-the-know you are when it comes to this new-fangled Minecraft thing the youngins are all talking about. Included images are: a pig, a creeper, a ghast, a skeleton, and that good ol’ ubiquitous block of dirt and grass!

The buttons are 1″ each, and are acrylic paint on a wooden disc, with a metal pin back attached.


Minecraft Embroidery Set

Created & donated by Stephanie Martin

While you’re out exploring, crafting and fighting off monsters, make sure to make your home ready as well! This set of Minecraft embroidery hoops are ready to decorate any explorer’s abode. Each one is hand sewn and shows various things from the game: A creeper, a diamond sword, and a block of redstone.

The pieces are 3 inches in diameter (7.6cm) and 3/8 inch (1cm) thick, and use wood embroidery hoops, felt and embroidery thread.

Close up of Tom Servo Replica face

Close up of Tom Servo Replica arm


Close up of Tom Servo Replica transmission


Creeper Head cross stitch

Created & donated by Kamina Kapow

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We suggest keeping the face of your enemy very close indeed, sitting on the sideboard in your living room, a reminder to lock your doors at night and maybe build a lava-filled moat. This creepy cross stitch comes in a sweet little standing frame, and has a charm belying its explosive nature.

Tom Servo replica signatures 2

Close up of Tom Servo replica air pump


Minecraft Hacks books by Megan Miller

Donated by GamesRadar

Get a leg up on your Minecraft game, with these books full of tips and tricks for an even greater Minecraft experience! These three hardcover tomes will look great on your gaming shelf, and make for good bus reading.

The lot also contains a cute little 3D printed Minecraft pig and Creeper.

Close up of Tom Servo replica air pump