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October 3, 2016 5:25 pm
Posted by: Kara

Pokemon Needlepoint

Created & Donated by Keroan


Pokemon Needlepoint 009Haven’t you always wanted to catch them all? Let’s assume that for nostalgia’s sake, we can draw the line at the original 151 Pokemon – now YOU can indeed be the proud owner of a full collection without walking entirely around Australia and hoping your phone battery doesn’t die, or struggling with your old gameboy cables. This Pokemon piece is truly epic; for its completion, its crafter Keroan put in over 1 year of daily stitching for a couple hours a day! Enjoy it as an art piece to make your neighbors jealous or as a totem to complete your Dratini summoning circle – the choice is yours. If you want to be the very best like no one ever was, help out some children and become the Pokemon collector you were born to be!

This needlepoint is made of traditional needle pointing aria, DMC pearl & matte floss. It measures 29″ by 16″ (borders are all approximately one inch for mounting).

The original pattern for this piece was created by Servotron on the Sprite Stitch forum boards.

About the Artist:
Kelly, aka Keroan, first learned to sew from her mother, who hoped to teach her to quilt and needlepoint rugs. But Kelly realized one can only have so many cats the walls before it looks too ridiculous to have friends over. Therefore, Kelly turned her needle to more geeky purposes and has ascended to a higher plane of sewing.