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November 18, 2014 4:41 pm
Posted by: Mike

Tremble, mortals, for the Nazgûl draw nigh….

for a Donation Drive!

Until 4:45pm local time, donate an amount corresponding to your favourite Ringwraith for a chance to win this exquisite 18″ x 12″ One Ring Inscription Calligraphy poster! We’ll be randomly drawing one Ringwraith at the end of the Drive and those who backed that pony will have a chance to win the prize!

To donate for… Donate…
Witch-king of Angmar $9.01
Khamûl the Easterling $9.02
The Dark Marshal* $9.03
The Betrayer* $9.04
The Shadow Lord* $9.05
The Undying* $9.06
The Dwimmerlaik* $9.07
The Tainted* $9.08
The Knight of Umbar* $9.09

(*Yes, we know these aren’t Canon names. What are we supposed to put, “Officially unnamed Ringwraiths 2 through 9”?)