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November 13, 2020 6:47 pm
Posted by: Nina

Fulfill your wildest corporate primate dreams and become a captain of industry in England’s Industrial Revolution with this Roxley Games pack!

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In the party game Gorilla Marketing, you play a primate ad executive coming up with the best new product names and taglines, all with the goal to get the most bananas, and making your friends laugh until they cry. It comes with 6 different themes and hundreds of categories that you’ll need to design your ads around, so each time you play, you’ll get a totally different experience, and a new chance for that plush corner office*.

In Brass: Birmingham (The Deluxe Edition) you and your friends are competing entrepreneurs trying to strike it big in England’s Industrial Revolution. It is a sequel to Roxley Game’s Brass, but expands with updated mechanics, new industries, and new dynamic board set up, which allows for a totally new experience each time you play. Are you going to be a champion of industry, or wind up in the poor house?

*A corner office is not included in this prize pack, but dare to dream.

Donate $7.45 (or multiples thereof e.g. $14.90, $22.35, $29.80 etc.) before 7:45PM PST to be in with a chance of winning!

November 16, 2015 4:08 am
Posted by: Tim

Desert Bus is so much fun as a video game, so let’s consider what Desert Bus would be like as a board game. Beej’s first art challenge of his run is to design your rendition of the box art for a Desert Bus (or Desert Bus for Hope, because, again, the game by itself is so much fun) board game. Up for grabs is a Portable Dance Party prize, so you can always party wherever you travel.


Kinda like this. Sort of.

Send your submissions to [email protected] with “Board Game Box Art” in the subject line. We’ll accept submissions until 5:48 AM PST. Be sure to include with your submission the name or handle you’d like us to use for you on air should your entry win.

November 15, 2015 2:48 am
Posted by: Tim

Are you a fan of games of the cardboard, meeple, and dice variety? If you’re looking for a few great games to round out your board game collection, check out this Tabletop prize pack, including games featured on the first three seasons of Tabletop.


Donations of $6.00 (or multiples thereof) get you a chance to win this prize pack. We’ll be running this donation drive until shortly after 3:30 AM PST.