November 18, 2021, 3:58 pm
Posted by: Tim

Prize photo.For a D&D adventuring party, a smirk from the DM is an eternal signal that things might be going very wrong for the party very soon. To ensure you don’t forget this small tidbit, we’re giving away these hand-crafted Hardwood Dice Trays, carved with the warning “When the DM smiles, it’s already too late!” In the crafter’s own words…

A dire warning that what lurks behind the DM screen may not be a benevolent storyteller and that a simple smile may signal doom as well as joy!

This pair of hardwood dice trays are perfect for all kinds of tabletop gaming. They measure 12″ by 12″. The base is made of Bloodwood (a South American hardwood known for its strength, hardness, and vivid crimson colour), while the edges are made from Black Walnut (a North American hardwood favored by woodworkers for its beautiful colour, dimensional stability and shock resistance).

The inlays were carved using a CNC router, then filled with epoxy tinted with mica powder ( Diamond Battleship Grey, is you are interested in the exact pigment). This process creates a very detailed and precise illustration, as well as a strong chemical bond to keep the inlay inside the tray.

While all materials were chosen to stand up to furious dice-rolling action, the use of very heavy or pointed dice will eventually make small dents in the wood, so should be avoided if possible. If the trays start to accumulate scratches, a simple polish with a bees wax/mineral oil finish should buff them back to their previous glory.

Happy rolling!

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