November 13, 2021, 3:57 am
Posted by: Matthews

varia magic

So, you get to a game night and you’re ready to throw down some battle cards! Sometimes, it’s fun to break out a few booster packs and build a couple of decks. But, sometimes… you just wanna skip all that and get down to battling. If the latter speaks to you, you might be interested in the Varia Starter Set, published by Guildhouse Games.

Varia is a card-and-dice-based dueling game designed to provide an accessible experience right out of the box. Just pick a class, grab some dice, and start playing with a pre-constructed deck. Or, if you feel like shaking things up, you can mix and match for a customized experience.

The Varia Starter Set comes with two classes: the Volcanic Warrior and Shadow Assassin. Each class includes the cards, dice, and tokens you’ll need to start playing. The Starter Set also includes a rulebook and a full-color comic to introduce players to the Varia lore. And all this comes in a beautifully illustrated card storage box. On top of that, you‘ll receive four Varia Promo Cards: Ebon Cloak, Bowie Knife, Molten Ravager, and Thorium Crusher.

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