November 19, 2020, 5:03 pm
Posted by: Tim

Omega Shift banner.

We appear to be coming up on the last evening of Desert Bus for Hope 2020! We want to take a moment to¬†preview all the amazing things that are coming up this evening… on OMEGA SHIFT.

Omega Shift, for those that are new to the bus, is a bonus shift that occurs towards the end of the event, where the entertainers and staff from each shift come together for the final few hours of the run. With so many people and so much going on, it’s hard to tell exactly what shift is happening, so we call it Omega Shift!

A photo of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.As discussed on stream, because things are a little different this year, we’re changing things up. Here’s a rough outline of what you can expect this evening (though this is subject to change, so watch the stream and our Twitter for the latest updates)…

We’ll start off the night with our friends on Night Watch. Stay tuned for the Night Watch News and other fun happenings. And tonight at 7:00pm PST, we’ll be auctioning the one and only large-print Desert Bus for Hope 2020 poster!

At 10:00pm PST tonight, we’ll be kicking off Omega Shift and our final Donation Drive… the replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield! Also, be sure to tune in for Erika’s Ultimate Trivia Challenge!

Around 11:00pm PST tonight, we’ll be doing our Thank You’s. Normally, we do this at the very end of the run, but this year we’ve bumped this up earlier for logistical reasons.

After that… who knows how long we’ll be bussing? We’ll spend the rest of the time hanging out, taking challenges, and just having a good time. When it’s time… we’ll draw the Mystery Box winner and… finally… Crash. That. Bus.

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