November 18, 2020, 11:45 pm
Posted by: Nina

Silent auctions are still here for you to feast your little eyes on!


What if Desert Bus was streaming to us from the past? And Japan?! With this Weeb Clan Playmat, featuring a classical scene in an Ukio-e style, you no longer have to wonder! This playmat is one of a kind, and no other will ever be printed. Show your loyalty to Clan Weeb at your next FNM!


This framed pen and ink Pyramid Head on Bristol board is ready to take a place on your wall to stare down upon you in silent judgement as you stare back and ponder how this towering, blood drenched executioner who is supposed to be related to only a single character has somehow become the mascot for an entire franchise.

These auctions end at 02:00AM tonight!

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