November 14, 2019, 6:01 pm
Posted by: Tim


Oh crumbs… time is weird there’s a seventh day of Alpha Flight uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay panic panic no it’s fine let’s put together another Alpha Flight intro last minute it’s fine we got this yep no problems here all good.

While we’re busy totally not panicking and totally not sleep-deprived on Day 7 of Alpha Flight, here’s what you’ve missed….

Teller called in to the Lunar Module to say hello!

Kathleen and Cory hosted a trivia challenge for Alpha Flight.

We auctioned off a Hardcover Desert Bus for Hope 2018 Photo book.

Evil Serge… or Snerge… is unleashed upon Alpha Flight.

We were a little late today and forgot to do our usual stand-up before shift… oops.

And finally… Alpha Flight is starting a band!

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