November 13, 2019, 5:42 am
Posted by: Matthews

We have our winner!


Congratulations Quietcat! You will be receiving a Desert Bus for Hope 2019 t-shirt and a 2019 DBloon!

They included the following explanation of their gem choices:

“I did gemsonas for Cori and Cam, being Fire Opal and Hematite respectively.

Cori is Fire Opal because I think she is very fiery and multifaceted.
Cam is Hematite because I think he is very grounded and has much depth.
They both have their gems on their heads because I think they are both very smart beings.
I don’t have much more other than headcanon that Fire Opal was stoked to be able to go to earth and explore (and was thrilled about bananas, confusing many other gems), and Hematite was very happy about the end of the wars because it meant everything was quiet. For once. Both were stoked to discover the arts of Earth.”
Thank you all for your wonderful entries! You made it a tough decision!

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